Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who The Heck Are You?

I am apparently here namely to be an example for others.

Remember all the books, classes, workshops...where you are told to always mark your fiber or yarn because you WILL NOT remember later what it is?

Turns out that's true.

While trying to clean up and organize my spinning basket yesterday, I found a bobbin of white single ply yarn. Hmmm - right color, but doesn't really feel like Punkin. Jester? No, there are no stray silver fibers mixed in. Does feel and look like Keebler, but way too white. Definitely too fine to be Cotswold, although it does have a pretty halo. Looks and feels like some of Michelle's beautiful Shetland, but I was pretty sure I'd already spun that...and found the blog post to prove it.

I'm stumped. My best guess at this point is maybe a Cotswold lamb fleece. Is it some really old Buddy? Only slightly less older Woolliam? Argh. Wish I knew because it plied into a lovely yarn. I'll keep cipherin' on it.

In other yarn news, here is the finished qiviut. I struggled a bit with the silk blended in, but got better as I went along and after it's knit (I'm thinking the Yarn Harlot's Pretty Thing), I don't think that will show and I'll be happy for added texture. And yes, it's incredibly soft. This is not the best picture, but I picked it so you could spy Weaslie under the bird feeder. It's truly amazing what a Weaslie will eat.

Claire Bear: You're really eating snow? Just snow?

Claire Bear: That's disgusting.

Weaslie: That's okay, I didn't want to share with you anyway...stupid cat.


DayPhoto said...

You gave me a delightful chuckle this morning. Your captions on the cat and dog are just perfect.


Christy said...

Corgi's are such food hounds! Leigh found her Corgi, Cinch, up the road at the neighbor's house yesterday eating their coonhound's food!

Heather said...

Hehe, you gave me a chuckle too this morning, thanks.

Camp said...

Clair Bear you are such a beautiful need your own blog with closeups ;-)

and tilly..well there is just no hope for you..and besides you are STILL on my naughty list.

Christine said...

LOL, Bandit loves to eat snow. Weirdos.

I have something on a spindle that I don't remember, too. And I haven't even been spinning as long as you have. Sad. Why can't something else be the first to go?

Alice said...

The yarns you have spun look so fine and even. Maybe someday mine will look like that.

Those cat 'n dog photos and captions add great humor to yet another grey day in my neck of the woods.

Peacecat said...

I love your yarn! How many ounces did you spin?

Kathy said...

Love it! Thanks for that!


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