Saturday, February 13, 2010


So I've been toying with signing up for the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics. Last time around I was still really new to the knit blogging scene and, as I didn't really knit that well, figured that wasn't something open to someone like me. Since then I've learned that blogging is open to everyone. Knitting is open to everyone. And there are tons of folks out there to help you with either when you are struggling or confused. Thanks everyone!

Last Sunday morning I got up before Saint Tim. As a surprise I decided to start breakfast (any time I decide to cook it's a surprise). Now, don't be expecting some sort of Pioneer Woman or Farmgirl Fare type creation - frozen tater tots ('cause you sure can't make those from scratch...I don't think) and frozen biscuits. I turned the oven on, averaging the two required temps (a fine display of my amazing math skills), set up the two iron skillets (because they bake the best) and while I waited for the oven to preheat, I decided to go check my email...and see what PW was cooking for breakfast.

I heard Saint Tim stirring, so turned on CBS Sunday Morning. After a few minutes I asked him if he could scramble some eggs as I'd already started the biscuits and tots.

"Really? You cooked breakfast?"

"Yeah, and everything is probably about done."

"Okay, I'm on it." And he walked into the kitchen.

I followed. Proudly. Hey, it's not every morning I cook breakfast...and there were the two skillets. Still on top of the stove. Still frozen tots. Still frozen biscuits. Saint Tim laughing so hard he couldn't breathe. I went back to the computer. And decided to stick with knitting.

"I've decided to sign up for the Knitting Olympics." I told him as we were eating the now actually cooked breakfast.

He thought on this about two seconds...or less.

"Really. What country are you representing? No-bake-istan?"


See what I have to live with?

I'm knitting the Pretty Thing cowl using the handspun qiviut and silk blend from my friend in Alaska. This is my first lace project, so even thought it's small, I'm confident it will be a true Olympic challenge. Hopefully the only [whining pitifully, sobbing and threatening members of my family with pointed sticks] will come as the result of smart mouth punks who should just be happy I got all the food ready to bake.

Let the games begin!


Lori Skoog said...

It's the thought that counts! Sounds like your family has a sense of humor.

Mom L said...

Love his comment! Sounds like you and I have the same cooking talents (and lack of interest!)

Nancy in Iowa

Alice said...

Your breakfast story reminds me of my own culinary tales, which is why I don't cook :-)
I think those needles in the shape of an Olympic ring are a great motivator to succeed at this challenge. May you hold them up high at the end!
BTW does your country have a flag or a hot pad to represent it? LOL

Camp said...

oh tater tot....when HH and I were dating he made them as a side dish for supper..and forgot them in the oven..we finished the meal..and now the joke has lasted our 21 years..don't forget the tater tots....remember your story on those dreary will bring a smile to your face every time!

I think those things may be the secret to a long happy life ;-))

Christine said...

Funny, funny stuff. Wow. We really were separated at birth. Glad to finally find you, Sis!

flowerweaver said...

I can totally relate to this one! Long after the tater tots are forgotten you will have the Pretty Thing. You have made the wise choice grasshopper!

Eleanor P said...

Saint Tim certainly knows how to cut to the chase!!!!! Give him a hug to me when you feel like speaking to him again.

Michelle said...

Nobakistan -- I LOVE it! Four years ago I wasn't blogging OR knitting; what a lot has changed since then. I have my doubts as to the feasibility of finishing my Olympic knitting challenge (UNknitting 2-3 inches last night didn't help), but I'm giving it a valiant effort!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Preparation is 50% of a meal, ya know! hehe!

You cracked me up today. Thanks!


Laney said...

That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!


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