Saturday, February 20, 2010


If you see one horse looking intently at something, there's a pretty good chance it's nothing too exciting. If you see two horses looking at the same thing, something's up.

As I headed out the door yesterday I saw T-Bone and Gato together, up on the hill, staring Stella's house. I was pretty sure I knew what this was about. Sometimes peppermint candies come out of Stella's house.

Sure enough, if you click to biggify, there's she is.

This stark, yet beautiful landscape is actually one of my flower boxes, right outside the door.

Some people make snow ice cream. We are apparently more of a Springerle cookie crowd.

As the snow rapidly deteriorated throughout the day, it melted into intricate lace patterns. Speaking of lace, I'm just over halfway through the Pretty Thing.

Poor Keebs, who's observations during the day left him a bit confused.

"Why are you taking so many pictures of Graham? I thought I was your number one picture sheep."

You are, baby, but your name doesn't start with the right letter this week ;-).


Lori Skoog said...

Great shots. I am working on some G things too. Like Gucci, Gary, Grandkids.

Heather said...

LOVE the shot of the snow-prints...Great photos lately, I'm really enjoying them.

June said...

Hard to believe that Keebler and Graham Lamb will soon be a year old!! I have enjoyed looking at your blog this past year. Your photos keep getting better & better!!

flowerweaver said...

You definitely have captured the prettier side of snow!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I'd like to have all that good fencing like yours.

Anonymous said...

Keebs is such a pretty boy. I love seeing pictures of him. I suspect we'll see picks of Graham Lamb on Sunday. :):)

Anonymous said...

Keebs is such a pretty boy. I love seeing pictures of him. I suspect we'll see picks of Graham Lamb on Sunday. :):)

Alice said...

I forgot that horses have a sweet tooth. They know where to find the good stuff!!! Those Ginger snaps that Stella makes are delicious as well.
I hope that Keebler got some treats just for looking cute... always!

Michelle said...

Your "stark, yet beautiful landscape" is a stunning capture!

Nancy K. said...

How do you DO that???
Those snow pictures are unreal! What kind of tracks are those?

Keebs is so cute he almost doesn't even look like a sheep! I'm trying to figure out what it is that he reminds me of but I can't quite get it...

You should consider doing a 'table-top' book of your farm and animals. I'd buy it!

Have you ever thought about having an 'exhibit' of your photos? I think that would be something that would draw quite a bit of interest in your community!

DayPhoto said...

Great shots! The sheep doth speak to me (us).



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