Friday, February 27, 2015

Lamb Camp Begins!!!

We had a special guest at the workshop today. Say hello to Mira :-).  If you don't already know who she is, you can read her story on Sarah's blog, Shepherd Life.  

We had a great day today and were able to get a little wool work done...between lamb snorgles :-).

Ain't Skeered

First off, Holy Moly on the mug orders :-o.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  With the Winter Wool Workshop this weekend, it's going to take me a couple days to get caught up on emails and probably Monday to start shipping.  I am so excited you like them!  

Speaking of emails, I messed up my email link in the mug post, so if you sent an email and it bounced back, I think the link is fixed now.  I will respond to every email, so if you don't get a response from me by Sunday, definitely re-send it.

And speaking of the Winter Wool Workshop, we won't be having any more of those!  From now on they will be called SPRING workshops as I've apparently jinxed us all.  We are still covered in snow and it's going to be 8 degrees this morning.  We'll be fine though.  We "ain't skeered" :-).

There will be snow ice cream for all!

That we can enjoy while sitting on the front steps.

Or out back.

Or maybe we'll just take a nice nap in the warm sun.  It really felt warm yesterday morning even though the thermometer said it wasn't.

I know we'll enjoy hanging out with our old and new friends.

While we ponder life's mysteries.

And pig out on goodies from the local bakery.

Or just bask in the sun.

We might have to bring out the scissors, because I don't think Rebecca Boone is going to make it to shearing.  She needs some eye holes!

I don't think Buddy's going to make it to shearing either!  "What?  The sun's shining?"

We will NOT be looking smug about having some new punching bags!

But mostly we'll be glad it's not -23 degrees.

Even Kate's excited by what might be in those two boxes of wool :-D.

Back Sunday!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mug Shot Mugs

Sheep Tested and Approved!





Baby B aka Baaxter aka Baadxter (remember, the more names you have, the more we love you ;-).

Woolliam, looking on as Baadxter decides to make a grab for it.  Photo shoot over!

*      *      *      *      *

The mugs turned out really nice :-).  I was a little a lot nervous about ordering them because I had to order in bulk to get a do-able price and was worried they'd be terrible and I'd be stuck with a mess. Not to worry!  They look good, feel good, are microwavable and safe for the top rack of the dishwasher.  Thank you for the great idea!  They really are cute and yes, they are now officially for sale :-).

They mugs will be $12.50 each and as we did with the calendars, you can just send me an email with your mailing address and how many mugs you'd like. I'll stick an invoice and return envelope in the box and you can drop a check back in the mail.

I wish I could say "Shipping will be X dollars" but I can't.  They weigh over a pound so they "have to" go Priority Mail (grrr) which is calculated by weight and distance.  The best guess is going to be $7 to $10(ish) for one mug $8-$12(ish) for two mugs.  For folks on the west coast, it might be cheapest to send using a Flat Rate box, which would be $12.65.  If you'd like to know the actual shipping cost before you order, just let me know and I'll find out!  

Cheers :-)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's A Heat Wave

We're supposed to reach 38 this afternoon!  I might need one of those fancy island drinks with an umbrella garnish ;-D.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Such A Fine Memory

The other night, one of the first of the (now many) super cold nights, I bundled up, pulled on my tall boots and headed to the barn for a late night check.  The snow had stopped and the winds calmed.  A few stars winked above and the only sound, the shoosh, crunch, shoosh crunch of my boots through the snow.

Everyone was fine, and I could have just returned to the house, but I stayed.  I set out some extra hay and walked over to stand with Hank.  Some sheep came out for the hay, some came over to visit with me, curious as to why I was there in the middle of the night.  I could have should have stayed forever. A fine memory.

As I turned to go, I saw a truck pull into Stella's driveway.  The snow was deep, but no match for a good four wheel drive.  The driver crept up the long hill, past her house, disappearing around the bend.  It was 11:30, but no reason for concern.  I knew the truck well.  It was the neighbor leasing her farm, headed back to check his cattle.

He is a good farmer.   I see him every morning.  We feed at nearly the same time every day.   As I'm setting out hay for the horses, he's rumbling up the hill in his tractor with a load of silage for his cows (or back down empty depending on how many emails I answered before walking out the door ;-).  He's too far away to see such a greeting, but I give him a nod.   

I like seeing him.  I like the sense of community, the feeling that I am keeping up.  Hoping maybe he looks down the hill and thinks I, too, am a good farmer.  Not everyone makes those late night treks.  I don't always and neither does he.  It meant something special to me on that crystal clear cold night, while the rest of the neighborhood slept, that a good farmer was still out.  And I was there, too.   

Such a fine memory.

Monday, February 23, 2015

When The Kate's Away

The snow was so deep last week that the dogs were really struggling to get through it.  So much so that I felt it was best for them to stay in the house rather than risk a leg injury.  Once again I found out how much Iris and Kate work in the background to keep everything running smoothly and under control.

I had my back turned when I heard the barn gate get knocked open and rushed through.  I assumed it was the boys (Baaxter, Murphy, Woody and Spud) and was surprised (and a bit tickled) to see it was B. Willard and Graham, the old bad boys :-).  They still got it!

Willard headed for the feed room and Graham went dumpster diving.

"Whatcha got over there, Wills?"

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Mostly what I got accomplished this past week was taking care of animals. Other than a frost bit chicken comb, so far, so good. We apparently made the national news for our all time record low of 23 below zero, actual temperature. It was sunny and no wind that morning, so I didn't have a clue. 

I did get my Peerie Flooers hat finished.  Twice.  The first time I pulled it on and had flashbacks to the Mia hat.  This was an easy fix though and I just ripped back to an earlier flower pattern and re-knit the top half.  I love this hat :-).

Some more good news, the first shipment of Mug Shot mugs came the other day and they look great! I'm really happy with them - whew!  I tried to take a picture with my iPhone this a.m., but it looked terrible so I'll take some better ones later today.  

More good news, for Sandy.  She was the winner of the snowy felted sheep.  Shoot me an email with your address and I'll get her shipped out as soon as possible.

And finally, if you are needing a super cute lamb fix, go check out Shepherd Life.  You'll recognize Sarah from some of the Hug a Sheep Day parties.  Go Mira! :-D

Here are some of my favorite shots from the week:


This might be a new favorite of Hank.

The little princess ;-).  Oh, I spun up another ounce or so of her yarn.  Probably won't need it, but better safe than sorry.

Murphy.  This might have been the -23 morning.  If not, it was the -14 morning the day before.  They are all running together at this point.

Sound asleep in the sun.  Peaceful.  The way sheep should be ;-).

How did your week wrap up?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Grumpy Old Men

I kind of feel a bit bad posting this after all the nice comments yesterday about how peaceful and sweet sheep are.  How they show us our better sides.  How peaceful and calm.

Keebs and Graham sure look nice and peaceful...

...but you can tell by the look on Graham's face that he knows what's coming.  Again.  

I have no idea what Graham did to Keebler or what Graham did to someone else or the world that offended Keeber last night, but let me tell you, it was a Throw Down.  As the first blows fell, Hank immediately ran up and got between them.  He put on his happiest, cheerfullest face, "Hey, buddies, let's not fight, okay?"  He quickly got out of the way.  It was Clash of the Titans.

It never takes long for a good fight to attract huge Chocula's attention.  He loves to mix it up.  I'm not sure if he's just enjoying the scrap, trying to remind everyone that he's the top sheep or if he's trying to defend an "innocent" party.  Regardless, he can do some damage...and Keebs and GL are not spring chickens anymore.  Now it was my turn to intervene.

I grabbed Chocula and tried to "hug it" out of him.  Tried to soothingly convince him to let them work it out on their own.  He seemed to calm down, so I let him go.  Kaboom!  I ran over and pulled his hair.  This is the only thing that seems to get an angry sheep's attention.  He backed off and I quickly set out the evening hay in hopes that would distract everyone.  It didn't, and as the bell for Round Three dinged, I walked back to the house for my camera.

Wait for it...

Prepare for impact...


Um, if your opponent's head completely disappears into your "fluffy" stomach...just sayin'... ;-)

Before you think it was just Keebler violence, Graham was dishing out his own fair share.  He earned that red head.  I still have no idea what they were so torqued about...but I have a feeling this snow can't melt fast enough.  And you can tell by the look on Graham's face that he still knows what's coming...again ;-).

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy New Year!

A sweet little felted sheep complete with straw bed and a snow covered back to celebrate the Year of the Sheep.  I'll brush the snow off before I ship her ;-).

Leave a comment telling us what you love about sheep and I'll draw a winner this weekend.

Happy Year of the Sheep!

*     *     *



Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spring Festival?

It's New Year's Eve...if you celebrate the Chinese New Year.  It's also called the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival.  I guess we're going with "Lunar" this year.  In case you haven't heard, 2015 is the Year of the SHEEP.  It can also be a goat or ram, but whatever ;-).  There will be a special giveaway on the blog tomorrow to celebrate!

Yarn Along

This should really be the Vacuum Your House and Mop That Disgusting Kitchen Floor Along, but knitting in front of the fire while we get hit with another round of snow seems like a much "funner" idea ;-).  

I'm almost ready to start the decreases for the top of the hat.  This has been a fun knit, a warm up for the Iknitarod.  We are following the Yukon Quest race.  If you have any interest in sled dogs, that Ravelry group is really good.  I've learned a lot and it's hard to not get caught up in the excitement!

I'm between books right now, so rather than cleaning the house or knitting, I'm actually browsing Audible, my a little bit guilty treat to myself.  I really should look into downloading books from the library.  

I like a good story.  Nothing too nerve wracking or scary.  Funny is always good.  I need something light that doesn't require much thought since I'm listening while I work.  But not while I'm vacuuming.  It's hard to hear when the vacuum is running...which is why our house is so dirty ;-).  

Any suggestions?

Joining in with Ginny (knitting and reading) and Frontier Dreams (crafting), another fun "Along" group.  


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