Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Technically it's still the weekend...for a few more minutes.  I'm really trying to keep myself "accountable" each week, so here's a quick post.  It was a bit of a crazy week.

The Winter Wool Workshop is going to be a blast.  We've got four really neat people coming in from four different states.  Robin is sending THREE pretty fleeces for us to work with and Baaxter is looking forward to being the bottle lamb representative because he knows Maisie will just be a Big Fat Brat...and he's probably right.

Speaking of Maisie, her yarn is finished.  I snapped this last night after I plied the last skein.  I was "okay" with it, but still not super happy.  I washed it today and you all can start throwing rotten tomatoes at me.  That yarn is Maisie through and through.

Here's the little darlin' now ;-).  I took some more nice sheep shots on Friday.  Would you rather see sheep or Maisie's finished yarn next?

I'll end with a teefers pic of sweet little Baby B trimming a tree that's growing too close to the fence. Always helpful.  I'm looking forward to spinning his wool this summer ;-).

So how did your week wrap up?


Lisa W said...

Poor Maisie, my little angel! I think her yarn is beautiful. I finished the top of a t-shirt quilt this week - now it will probably take me another 1.5 years to quilt it, but at least the top is done.

LannieK said...

Nice art work, Sara! Maisie yarn is looking good :-) I can't wait to see it "close up". Have a good Monday!

Karen Battersby said...

Maisie looks like she'll make you a cozy, warm sweater. Happy knitting. I'm looking forward to following the progress.

MaryAnn said...

What a lovely color of yarn

Tyche's Minder said...

I'm still reeling at the thought of spinning 28 oz of wool in one go. May need more pics to truly believe this. ;)

Susan Mckee-Nugent said...

Maisie's yarn will be what it will be and so will a hard working sweater!! GOOD JOB! She's a dear, fat brat notwithstanding :)
48 deg and rain............crazy.

Donna said...

Look at all her yarn! That will make a great workhorse sweater for you. I am still spinning that 4 pounds of romney that is taking forever! I'm looking forward to seeing the knitting portion of your Maisie sweater :-)

Anonymous said...

Catching up after being gone for the last two weeks. (I sneaked a trip down to Texas!) Oh, I love your blog! So beautiful and peaceful and funny, all at the same time. Maisie's yarn...oh, my goodness, I am giggling! I know that you will make something wonderful with that yarn. And Baaxter! I can't wait to see how his first fleece looks! Hugs to you! :)


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