Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Eating Hay While The Sun Shines

The Kentucky Shepherd's Market went really well and was well worth all the effort, but I have to say I'm glad to be able to catch my breath and catch up with things I've been missing, like pictures.  



Biscuit and Murphy

Maggie and Christopher



Biscuit and Murphy

I love to watch my sheep eating, especially on cold, but sunny mornings.  I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I am Not Ready for spring yet.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024


I've been so busy trying to get myself and others ready for the Kentucky Shepherd's Market this Saturday that I haven't even been posting much on Instagram the last few days :-o.  

I think the market is going to be really fun and I'm excited for all the interest in a new fiber venture, but after the last few years, I am no longer a very good "go out in public" person, so there's some a lot of stress about that.  If I get sick, someone still has to take care of the animals...  That's something to think about before you go out in public when you are not well.

My sheep are why I do these things.  I took a few minutes after I got done feeding last night to remember that and enjoy them and the peace and quiet of being in a cozy barn with your best friends.  I ended up going live for a bit because I figured I wasn't the only one who might enjoy listen to the sheep rustling about eating dinner.  


I've enjoyed using a few of my pictures to help promote the market.  Chocula and Mini Moose are my favorites, but I have a new Pinto version ready for later today :-).

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Fiberuary Day 6. Now And Then

There's a good story over on Instagram this morning and I'm just going to share the post here rather than retype it all.  Apparently I never shared the video of Pinto trying to take over the flock from Rocky and Jared so I'm going to spend a few minutes trying to find it and add it in here.  

I am so disappointed that I've left so many things off the blog :-/.  I love that there is still a solid online diary over there, but there's no way to jump to certain months or years or search for keywords like you can over here and that's...sad.   

Wish me luck!  And while you're waiting, here's today's story.

Okay, it took a bit, but I found it...and then had to watch it.  It's super slow at the beginning (maybe you can skip ahead somehow), but once Pinto finally goes in with the rest of the sheep it gets hilarious watching Jared school him on "life".  

It's sure fun to go back in time for a visit :-).

Sunday, February 4, 2024



Will THIS Be The Last Christmas Post?


 As I slogged through yet another month of 2023, I was having trouble getting excited about the upcoming Christmas season and even toyed with just skipping it.  I knew that in the end I would have been really disappointed not seeing all my holiday lights and old friends including my 25 year old Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

I set myself up with a Solstice Advent challenge and I made a special effort to find the space to enjoy even tiny bits of joy every day and by the end of the season I'd had one of the nicest winter holiday seasons ever.  As an extra special treat I made a new friend and received a beautiful card with three two and a half of my favorite sheep.  Murphy....

Okay, when I mentioned the Advent challenge, I realized that I never shared the final picture of my daily prizes.  To avoid yet another Christmas post, I'll do that now.

I'd collected a bunch of these vintage lead sheep figurines ahead of time and Auntie Reg wrapped them all up and tucked them into my calendar.  Every day I got to unwrap and place another sheep or two in the window.  I grouped ewes, lambs playing, lambs with their mommas, rams watching over, rams thinking about fighting...  It was grand fun :-).

One day I got surprised by this cutie and there were a couple other fun sheep mixed in as well.  It was a fun way to end each day and to make each day a little special...the way every day should be.  

Friday, February 2, 2024

I Got Lucky

Today is my 17th blog anniversary.  I remember writing that first blog post.  I didn't say much, but I remember double and triple checking that it sounded okay and my spelling and grammar was correct.  I still agonize over that and still read my posts aloud and try to catch as many mistakes as I can.  

We'd had a big snow that morning and I had a tiny Sony point and shoot camera that we used to take random pictures of things on and off the farm.  I had no real interest in photography.  I just occasionally took pictures and definitely always did when it snowed.

This picture of PPPP and Peabody was taken that morning and the black background was just the side of the barn before the shed and the shed's shed were added.  I'm quite sure I didn't plan for it to look like a starry night sky.  I just got lucky.

I don't remember when I finally realized that I enjoyed taking pictures and had a little bit of aptitude for it.  I don't remember when I got my first "real" camera.  Oh, wait, it was August of 2007, so I must have gotten it for my birthday, just a few months into my blogging :-).

I actually enjoy when artists write to ask permission to paint my pictures.  I know they could just go ahead and "steal" them (and I've caught a few on that over the years), but I love to hear from them and find out which picture they like and hopefully see what they create.  Which reminds me, there is Yet Another Christmas Post coming!

I think Bonnie Mohr might have been the first artist who contacted me about using one of my photographs.  She'd picked the "starry night" picture.  The very first picture I posted on my very first blog post.  Well, actually it was the second picture on the page ;-).  I loved what she painted!

She offered to sell us the painting and I would have loved to have bought it, but it was out of our price range.  I'd checked back a few times over the years to see if she'd ever offered a print of it, but finally gave up.  I do have a box of Christmas cards with the painting though.  I stumbled across them at the North American.  That was a great story :-).

When I realized that today was my blog anniversary, I thought back to that picture and all the pictures I've taken over the years and how many have been used by artists all over the world (!) and am truly flattered.  Out of curiosity I decided to search her website again, but couldn't find the painting anywhere.  I started searching to see if it showed up anywhere else and luckily found it offered as a print from another merchant!

I feel like so much of my life has been lucky.  I also realize that the harder you work, the luckier you tend to be though.  I am so grateful that I've worked hard enough over the years to have a blog that I can scroll back through 17 years of pictures and stories.  And yes, there are plenty of things that sure didn't feel very lucky, but so many treasures along the way.

And luckily I'm headed out the door to go take some more pictures.  My year old blogger self would never have believed that :-).


Wednesday, January 31, 2024

One Last Christmas Post

These pictures from the same night as the Archie picture are too fun to not share and save over here, especially Short Round sitting out in the field wearing her lights.  Unfortunately these were all taken with my phone, so they are not as clear and sharp.  Still keepers though.

I'd love to be able to talk to Short Round and hear what she thinks about her life over here.  I think she gets a kick out of all the silly things we do :-).

Monday, January 29, 2024

Well, Since It's National Puzzle Day

Here are two more puzzles that I forgot to share last week.  

I love this silly Sesame Street (because he's the same color as Bert and Ernie...) character of a sheep and hope this might make a calendar picture for next year.  Burrnie flies a bit under the radar here, but he's a favorite from over the years :-).

I love Maggie's smile and the fact that Mini Moose grew up to be one of the biggest sheep we've ever had :-D.

Happy National Puzzle Day!

On A Really Dreary Monday

I'm having some computer concerns and I've been cleaning up files and running back ups in case the worst/inevitable happens.  In doing so I stumbled across this picture of Archie from back before Christmas when my neighbor and I were trying to set up the 'sheep in festive lights' pictures*.  Of course Archie was there to help.

I know it's past time, but it's a pretty picture and I bet it will be a fun puzzle and I think some cheery lights help brighten a gloomy day.

I wonder what Maisie's thinking there in the background.


*Argh.  I apparently never posted those pictures over here...and they need to be here.  Sigh...  Another Christmas post coming then!

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Off The Streets And Out Of Trouble

This really wasn't a fun puzzle this morning, but I thought it would be a fun puzzle...once I had everything cleaned up.  Something to keep you off the streets and out of trouble...unlike a certain sheep we all know...but I won't say love.  Just kidding...sort of...

The story is on Instagram and I don't have to heart or time to re-type it right now, so here's a link.


Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Tongue Out Tuesday - Trivia Edition

 Did you know that...

That black sheep have black tongues?

And gray sheep have gray tongues?

And white sheep have pink tongues?

And all three sheep have names that start with the letter M?  Can you name them?

Monday, January 22, 2024

Jumping Out Of The Weekend

I had several people ask if Pinto was still jumping in and out of the arena with all the snow.  That would be a "Yep!" :-).

After hitting -7 yesterday morning, 16 felt balmy this morning and by the time we hit the 40s this afternoon I'm guessing most of the snow will be gone.  I have really enjoyed it.  The super cold...not so much, but the snow was nice :-).

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Snow Ponies

It went down to zero Friday night and Lancelot was shivering.  Like Maisie, he's got plenty of hair and good weight, but when you get to be his age and it gets that cold, it's hard to keep up, even with a huge stack of hay in front of you.

Neither horse likes wearing a blanket and there's a lot of discussion about whether or not it is good or bad to blanket them, but if you stop shivering once the blanket is on, that tells me they help.  Frankie probably could have made it without his, but why be colder than you have to be.

I was able to get quite a few decent snow pictures over the last couple of days so I'll have more to share over then next couple of days.  I have a funny (and interesting and educational) series for Tongue Out Tuesday.

In the meantime, how about a couple of new puzzles :-).

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Sitting Pretty

Bea is very serious about her farm security job and she keeps a strong eye out back.  She also watches the sides and the fronts, but she's very vigilant about the back.  She also keeps a close eye on me ;-).

It got bitterly cold last night, down to zero, but the wind wasn't too bad and everyone looked good this morning.  There is still very little wind and the sun is shining so it actually feels warmer than the other day in the 20s.  I even took my coat off while I was out taking pictures.

The cats are all inside and I left The Crowing Hen in the wash room, but if you are in the sun or moving around, you won't be cold.  Go outside and enjoy it :-).

Friday, January 19, 2024

Don't Worry About Me

Maisie gave me a bit of a scare yesterday.  I knew she's been cold the last few days, but she was smart about tucking herself back in the corner of the skirting area, a place out of the wind and surrounded by wool insulation, and seemed to be okay.  

I was hopeful yesterday's warm up into the 20s would help, but I found her huddled in the corner shivering in the afternoon.  I couldn't find anything physically wrong with her and she's got plenty of wool and "good cover" (fat ;-), but I don't want to see anyone shivering.

I knew her red coat from after shearing last year would not fit over her wool, but thought Jared's bigger coat would...but it was too small, too.  I was just about to sew some extensions on it, but luckily remembered Mrs. Pepperpot's old blue coat.  With just a small alteration in the front, it fits perfectly.

"I'm fine!"

"I just needed a puffy coat."

I wonder if The Crowing Hen would wear a puffy coat.  She looks pretty cold up in the top picture.  I've been bringing her into the Wool House at night and making her stay in on the really cold days.  We'll all be glad when this weather breaks.  I have gotten a few nice pictures though :-).

A couple new puzzles coming tomorrow!  

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Fox Tales

Um, little fox?  You better not be thinking about climbing that fence.

"I won't bother your chickens.  I promise."

I finally finished my little knitted fox.  He told me his name is Jeffry and he's from the same designer as the frog and the bat.  I had a bit more trouble with some parts of this pattern, but I managed to figure things out and I think he turned out pretty cute.  

His sweater ended up a bit too long, but it was designed to be sewn with a seam up the back and it  worked out to leave the back seam open a bit over his tail :-). 

I used Lamb Camp Bottle Lamb yarn and dyed the orange and dark gray colors.  I stuffed it with the orange combing waste from the Tour de Fleece.  I like to use similar colors for stuffing so any loose spots don't show through.

I have two other stuffed friends in my queue.  One is a knitted lamb and the other is a sewn felt sheep.  January has been a bit busier than I'd hoped it would be, but it's still nice to not have all the summer work hanging over my head so I have time to think about what would be fun to work on next :-).

How has your crafting year started?

Friday, January 12, 2024

The Best Laid Plans

Twelve days into the new year and I just remembered that I was going to try to at least do a Friday recap each week.  Maybe it will be a weekend wrap up or something.  Sigh...  In the meantime, want to goof off with a fun new puzzle?  


Friday, January 5, 2024

It Was A Year

I had too many pictures for just one compilation, so I finally just gave up and put them into two.  I'd like to say it was because 2023 was so fun that I couldn't fit it all in, but that really wasn't the case...but looking back on what I want to remember about the wasn't all bad.


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