Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

This was originally planned as "Happy Halloween from Maisie!", but one thing we learned last night was don't put all your candy in one basket. Luckily I decided at the last minute that ALL the lambs should get to Trick or Treat this year, so Stella, Auntie Reg and I whipped up "costumes" for everyone.

Of all the lambs in the world who should not care about wearing a wizards cape, it should be Maisie.  She used to love to dress up!  This was the only good picture I got.  Maybe she's still sore about Easter ;-).

"I'm a Hershey Kiss?  I don't get it."

"I'm Count Chocula and Daniel Not-Boone is Daniel Boone?"

"We don't really get it either and why does he get to wear a (coonskin) hat?"

The boys didn't mind a bit about wearing costumes, not even when Chocula's cape kept falling over his head.  They ate a couple cookies and then had fun grazing in the yard.

Maisie had a huge meltdown and went bucking around the barn and her gold stars looked like shooting stars.  I took the cape off in hopes that would settle her down, but she had no intention of playing along and as soon as she could flip her hat off...

...she butted it into the ground and then pawed it!!!

Hershey and Weaslie kept trying to trick or treat, long after treat time was over.

And poor Iris...The Long Suffering Border Collie.

"I've always hated Maisie."

An orderly walk back to the barn (as opposed to kicking and leaping and bucking and other general bad behavior from naughty Maisie!).  I love how close Chocula and Daniel are walking.  They are the best 'dopted brothers.

Daniel looks a little worried about facing the music with the big kids.  Maisie had already gone out and tattled to Hank about the whole thing.  Kids... ;-)

Happy Halloween!

*    *   *   *    *  

P.S. I added in a missing picture of Petunia and her beautiful sweater and some notes about the pictures from yesterday's post.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hug Some Yarn And Hand Knitted Items - Part Five - And A Yarn Along

Because what else are you gonna do?  This will be the last (and extremely picture heavy) Hug a Sheep Day/Farm Party post.  Too much good stuff to share...and I missed a whole bunch!  However, I took some really pretty Hank and Keebler pictures in the fog yesterday and with tomorrow being Halloween, I'm sure there will be some crazy shenanigans up at the barn later, so it's time to wrap it up :-). 

I'm going to start with Ginny's Wednesday Yarn Along.  Several years ago someone came into my booth at the Wool Festival and in chatting like we do, gave me a book recommendation - Sylvia's Farm:  The Journal of an Improbable Shepherd.  I found it online and read it cover to cover...a couple times over the years.  When I saw Sylvia Jorrin had a new book out and was going to be at Rhinebeck, I couldn't wait!  Here's part of the blurb from the back cover.  You'll see why she's a favorite author :-).

"Sometimes I sit with the sheep on the stone stairs leading down into the barnyard.  They look at me.  And, one at a time, the ones who need to, come to be petted and fussed over.  Staring into my face.  Intently.  We are together in those moments.  And I am well aware of my place.  I am the one with less clarity.  I work for them.  They are because of me.   But I am the servant.  Willingly.  They give more than I, I only give my labor.  Every day of the year.  My heart, most times.  My strength.  Every day.  My determination.  My will.  Always.  They give me peace.  Theirs is the greater gift.  And they keep me in my place."

So that's what I'm reading right now.  And I have a new knitting project in the works, this one involving color!  The Bandana Cowl in the picture was knitted in the car on the way home from Rhinebeck.

I may come back later and try to annotate the following pictures, but either I'm just extremely slow or posting a blog just takes a lot of time, but it's after 11:00 and really need to get off the computer and get some other work done and I still have a ton of computer work to do(!).  I'm just not sure how to balance all the things I want and need to do and it's frustrating.  

For now, enjoy some gorgeous knitting, crocheting, spinning and a sweet sleeping baby (that we only uncovered long enough to take a quick picture ;-).

Karen can not only knit this gorgeous sweater, but also run the entire show including making the oldsters in the retirement home feel included in Feed a Sheep a Cookie Day.  Thanks, Karen, I couldn't have done it without you!

This pattern is going straight to my knitting queue.  Gorgeous showcase for beautiful handspun!

Petunia and her sweater - still a favorite :-).

A stunning Norwegian sweater.  I could do an entire post on the knitting and construction details!

Super interesting cable structure!

She made the legs extra long so they'd look like Ewen McTeagle.  'Nuff said.  And don't miss the sheep tucked in her arm and her hand knit sheep purse and...

The Always Amazing Aaron - that's Ewen in the bottle!  And the bottle is his ingenious way to ply from a center pull ball.  As always...

This is done with four threads and you keep changing one color out periodically to get the color change.  I think I've said that right.

Let's get a closer look. 

Casper Belly!  This is headed for a sweater :-).

Yeah, same lady... ;-)

More from AAA

First handspun hat!  Use. Your. First. Yarns.  They're GORGEOUS!!!

Now moving onto socks - Babydoll Southdown.

Headed straight for my knitting queue.  In fact, a Hershey vest maybe? 

If you click to biggify, you'll see some hay/straw chaff on her mitts.  Working wool!

This colorful handspun hand knit hat was very popular.

And this is some more first spinning and knitting work. 

And her first baby too.  Both super :-D.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hug A Lamb Day - Part Four (I Think)

"What's going on out here?  Someone said there's cookies?"

"And hugs?  Okay, this is, um, different."

"Just let them pet on you, Chocula, and they'll keep giving us cookies!  I remember this from last year."

"Oh yeah, kinda like we got cookies back behind the barn!"


The boys never made it up to the hugging pen, but didn't miss out in the big field.  Neither did Hank. Hank's got Get A Bunch Of Cookies Day figured out.  Remember his first year?

And long after the cookies were gone, Hershey remained hopeful.  

Long after...

A huge flock of blackbirds blasted in and circled the back horse paddocks for awhile.  I hope Amy got better pictures than I did.  Hershey was sure she'd give up on the camera and focus back on him.  Hank waited patiently for him to give up ;-).

Maisie Appreciation Day

Also know as Hug a Sheep Day - Part Three 

"Wow, all these peoples came here just to see me?"

"And take my picture?"

"And feed me Cheerios?"

"These are all mine, Willard, so back off!"

"Wait.  What?  You want to give me a hug???"


"But, yes, you can give me more cereal.  I SAID Back OFF, B. Willard!"

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The "preferred" (by sheep) method to eat Cheerios is directly from the bag.  I wasn't aware of the danger associated with this until a friend of a friend lost her dog due to suffocation in a treat bag earlier this fall.  Once I heard about it, it made complete (and horrific) sense.  We are extra vigilant with all plastic bags now and are hoping that spreading the word might save more lives.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hugging Sheep - Part Two

Graham's #1 Fan.  

"Thanks for being my best friend.  Everyone here just treats me like I'm a sheep or something."

Or something...

"I really love Graham Appreciation Day!"

Boudreaux and Iris:  "Why are you giving that kid a cookie???  You're supposed to give them to us."

A lull in the hugging cookie fest.

B. Willard enjoying a reflective moment...contemplating why he's not being fed cookies.

Someone in the pen was NOT interested in hugs or cookies!  Wonder who that could be... ;-)

Just to get an idea of how cold and windy :-o.

"I just love Betsy Appreciation Day!  Thank you so much for coming. You can leave my treats on the table with the rest of my treats."

Who's that little white face trying to peek through? 

Maisie Appreciation Day tomorrow!


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