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Mom and Dad, also known as Saint Tim and The Crazy Sheep Lady, think they are in charge here on the farm.  HAHAHA they are so funny.  Really, they're not too bad.  They do feed us a lot of food and usually only Graham Lamb gets many spankings.  Dad says I have a "head like a cinder block"  and then Mom gets mad at him and he gets in trouble, too.  That's kind of funny, but it does hurt my feelings when he calls me that.  I can't help it that I'm so much bigger than all the other sheep.  

Mom is definitely my favorite.  She takes me for walks out to the pond and gives me cookies and when I was a baby, she let me live in the house. Well, so, other than feeding us and cutting the grass a bunch in the summer, Mom likes to hang out with us and pick hay out of our hair.  She says we aren't supposed to be messy, but that's kind of hard when you are a sheep and you have to live with the Adventure Chickens.  Those chickens are really messy and like to scratch hay in our hair all the time.  Boudreaux likes to come pick it out and eat it, so I don't know why she worries so much.  I think it has something to do with when they cut our hair in the spring.  I know she likes it to be really clean and pretty.

Mom does all sorts of stuff with our wool.  She likes to brush it out and make yarn with her spinning wheel.  She also makes these really cool little miniature sheep and sells them.  The name of her shop is Punkin's Patch.  I think Punkin was a sheep that lived with her before me.  She says that's what buys our hay every year.  There is also a big gift shop called the Kentucky Artisan Center that sells her sheep and cards and stuff.  She also goes to shows like the the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival, the Kentucky Wool Festival and the Bluegrass Classic Stockdog Trial.  I got to go one year when I was a baby.  Dad took some pictures of us watching the dogs chase the sheep around.  That's Mom's favorite picture.

When she's not playing with our hair, she paints pictures of us.  I know she likes to paint pictures for our Christmas cards and I always get to be the star.  I'm even the star of the picture above.  It just looks like Boudreaux and Buddy are faster than me.  I'm more important because I'm the last one and when they stop, I just keep running and bump into them really hard.  She also has a camera and takes lots of photographs of us and weird stuff around the farm.

Also, sometimes Mom and Dad used to drive some of the horses with a carriage.  I'm not scared of the carriage, but sometimes T-Bone scares me because he's really bossy.  They liked to drive around in our rectangle paddock and they put up obstacles to drive around and sometimes they go really fast.  Handy was Mom's favorite horse and he used to love to do that.  Hickory is the riding horse.  I don't like Hickory.  He likes to play Sheep Bowling.  That makes Hank, the livestock guardian dog, really mad.

Dad has to go away to work every day.  I think he likes that though, but I don't know why.  I'd rather stay here and hang out with me and all the horses and sheep and cats and dogs and chickens.  We get into all sorts of adventures and "activities" and it's really fun.  I think it would be way more fun than printing stuff on paper.  Except for when he gets to print stuff with us on it.  That's probably pretty fun.  He likes to go fishing too and on Sundays he hangs a green and gold flag out front.  That has something to do with football I think.

So, that's about it.  They don't really do too much other stuff I don't think.  I'm going to go back outside and take a nap.

  ~ Ewen McTeagle ~

Editor's Note - Ewen got most of this pretty correct.  There are lots of pictures and more stories on our daily farm journal.  Follow this link for more about Punkin.

Inset photo by Julie Siegel
October 30, 1992 - April 17, 2004


Fiona said...

I have been reading your posts from the start of your blog. It is a wonderful journey. I just read about moving the cat "apartment" and how heavy it is. Could you put it on Industrial casters that can be rolled but also have brakes on them?

Amanda said...

Hi! I found you over at Simple Things with Ginny and your Lamb Camp post caught my interest! I grew up on a sheep farm in Virginia, so this time of year always makes me homesick! I'l going to add your blog to my list to follow and look forward to the little lambs rolling in in the coming weeks!

Unknown said...

Hello, I bought Spud's fleece at the Kentucky Fiber show this spring, which has made me a fan of your farm and website. My question is, are you having a Hug a Sheep day this year?

Thank you, Kate

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yes! This year it will be October 29th. It's always the last Saturday in October - the day closest to Punkin's birthday (October 30th) :-D.

Terry and Linda said...

Sara I have been following a really neat blog you might like:
They are weavers and have a shop:
Here is a little about them:

~Dawn~ said...

Hi. Do you have a calendar this year? How much are they? Thanks! Dawn(


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