Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Stills - Orange

This is a tiny orange jelly fungus growing on our back porch steps.  That's a pine needle next to it. This has been the wettest summer I can ever remember.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Speaking Of Cute Lambies

This is going to be kind of obscure for many of you, but if you scroll waaay back (follow the Keebler label), you should be able to answer this question.

What about Keebler hasn't changed since he was a baby?  I'm looking for something specific, not "He's still so darn cute!" even though that is true :-).

Friday, September 19, 2014

Where Were They Then - Guess Who??

Something to make us all smile :-)

Who was this little cutie patootie?

It was Buddy!  Robin found that old picture the other day and sent it to me :-).  

So Buddy did at one point have cool hair.  Actually, he still has cool hair.  It's just not on top of his head ;-).  Those curly cheeks are second to none!

Shortly after I took the grazing picture, the flock decided to head in.  

Buddy, Woolliam and Chocula got left behind.  Cotswolds are very focused eaters ;-).

Run, Buddy!!!

That's a lot of bulk moving at high speed :-D.  Notice Maisie eating over on the right side.

Buddy's gettin' it!  Maisie's still eating.

My favorite Buddy expression is his ears back perplexed/grumpy look.  He obviously wasn't done eating, but would never go against the group and stay out.  Obviously Maisie has no issue with that - still eating ;-).


Tim, Tilly and I want thank you so much for all your kind words and hugs.  The sheep don't seem to care one bit.  In fact, after getting bum rushed at the gate for the second time without her standing guard while I tried to pass through to carry in a bucket of water, it really sunk in.  We've not only lost a really good friend, but a really hard working farm partner.   

Tilly has taken it pretty hard.  She relied on Iris for guidance all day long.  "What are we doing now? Is that something we need to bark about?  Where are we going now?   Is dad home?  Yeah, a nap would be good.  Should we go check the sheep?  Who's driving up Stella's driveway?..." It's sad to see her always looking over her shoulder waiting for Iris to race by.

And Iris was able to race by until this past weekend.  You wouldn't have known anything was really wrong with her until Monday morning.  I noticed she was a little "off" over the weekend, but nothing concrete you could really put your finger on.  Monday she started having trouble breathing.  X-rays showed fluid build up around her lungs and an ultrasound showed why - cancer throughout her lungs. 

It was a heartbreaking, but easy decision.  The vet came out to the farm and we all sat down in front of the Wool House for one last late summer nap.  Tilly stayed by her side until Tim came home.  It was a sad, but beautiful, peaceful afternoon and now no one is suffering anything worse than a broken heart.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Iris Maybelle McGillicutty

2001? - September 17, 2014

A Good Dog.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Where Are They Now - Ford

Ford is getting to be one of the old guys around here. He turned 12 this past spring. That's old for a commercial type sheep, but Jacobs tend to be a little longer lived, maybe due to their smaller size.

"What do you mean I'm an old guy?"

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Where Are They Now - Hershey And Count Chocula...And Hank

It might look like these are all almost the exact same picture...and they are, sort of. But if you watch the backgrounds, you can see that they were taken over the span of several minutes, not just one right after the next. That's because it's not uncommon to see Hershey and Chocula side by side :-).

They are good friends...and Hershey's a good shield from that dastardly dog ;-).

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Where Are They Now - Hank And Daniel Not-Boone

Just to be clear, Daniel is completely down with back scratches (and eye rubs, hugs and kisses :-).  In fact, he's probably my chummiest sheep.  So much so that he will push other sheep away from me, especially Burrnie.

"She is talking to ME right now, Burrnie/Hershey/Maisie/Annabelly..."

When Daniel first got here, he was terribly afraid of people.  For the first couple of weeks I actually thought he might never settle in and that was such a surprise because his brother, Marcel, was the most laid back love bug ever.  Marcel loved everybody, especially me and super especially Hank.  

Side note - I'm so glad I have a blog.  I'd forgotten the story of Marcel banging on the gate and Hank stopping him.  I re-read it when I was picking a post to link for "super especially Hank".  It's nice to have good memories :-).

Back to the story at hand, what Daniel's never gotten over is his fear of Hank.  Hank has never done anything bad to Daniel. Or Chocula, who is also very scared of Hank.  Nothing bad happened to them before they came here.  Hershey?  Hank can't get away from him.  I have no answers.

I did notice the other day though when I was out there with everyone that Daniel was actually grazing calmly no more than 20 feet away from Hank.  That's a Big Deal.  I quietly snapped a few pictures.

While I doubt they Daniel has called a truce, it sure looks like Hank is happy and hopeful.  He loves his sheeps, even the silly ones :-).


Friday, September 12, 2014

Garden Buddies

"Hi there!"

This was a very agreeable medium size praying mantis, one of my very favorite bugs.  The sun was setting so the light was difficult and I kept asking it to move from flower to flower, hoping to squeeze out a little direct sun.  I'd take the blossom it was on and touch it to the one I wanted it to move to. No border collie needed :-).

This big guy was who originally caught my eye as I walked past the dye garden last night. Biggest grasshopper I've ever seen!  And, and this just seems so weird that I didn't know this, I could see him breathing and it struck me as really I guess I didn't realize bugs breathed. You know, like in and out where you could see it.  Had to look it up and sure enough...

He was pretty agreeable too.  I didn't ask him to move around, but he let me work and work to get the focus right on this so his face was sharp and clear.  He's hanging on to a fennel branch and I love how the foliage looks completely foreign.

"G'night crazy bug lady."

Everybody take care of each other.

Where Are They Now - Blossom

Or Baba as we now call her. I have no idea when that started or why, but Baba she is. And, truth be told, it's usually Baba Baba.  

Still cute as a button :-).

ISO 400  f/2.8  1/500 sec and focal length 175mm

This may be a calendar shot.  I love the depth of field.  Just the right amount of sharp focus.  I got lucky, but that's how you learn sometimes.  When you see something you like, remember how you got it so you can repeat it.  

I couldn't decide between these two.  Which one do you like best?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Where Are They Now - Keebler And Hank


And how did Keebs end up with his mouth hanging open, looking like he was in daze?  The mighty back scratch :-).

It started over the fence.

These two love Tim.

Keebs can't believe his good fortune - TWO back scratches.

Here comes Hank.  He doesn't want to miss out on a second scratch either.

And poor Daniel can't believe his eyes.

He's still very unsure about Hank.

And now he's unsure about Keebler as well ;-).

Happy sheep :-).

Happy dog :-).

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Early Morning

I've started trying to knit for an hour or so before the sun comes up and I get caught up doing farm work and other chores. It shouldn't be so difficult to find time to do all the things you love! It's working (so far) and this morning the sun rose with a beautiful, well, rose, color. I stepped outside to watch.  

Maisie came around the end of the barn heading my way, with Hank not far behind. A couple more started straggling out and I knew the rest would soon follow. I love watching our sheep go about their day and early mornings are especially nice.  I ducked back inside and grabbed my camera.

It's a little shaky and too quick in spots.  As usual.  I also forgot to turn off the vibration reduction, so you won't get to hear all the morning sounds very clearly over the hum.  And, it was actually much darker than this.  I forgot I could set my exposure manually, so you'll just have to imagine the dark, rosy sunrise  ;-).  

I think sometimes it's better to capture a fleeting moment poorly than miss it fiddling around to make it "perfect".  If I'm tired or distracted, I always default to one of the automatic settings and let the camera do the thinking.  This works great most of the time and the pictures following the video do look much better with the extra light the camera was able to pull in.  They're not great, but at least I can see everyone ;-)**. 

Besides, I can always give it all a re-try tomorrow morning...after a second cup of coffee ;-)

So who's the big mouth yelling in the background?

That's Woody's big honking maaaaaaah :-).

Murphy says "Feed me first, not Woody!"

And where's Baaxter?

A boy and his trailer...  Tim's probably not going to like it when I tell him he needs to cut a gap in one of those sides when Little B gets too big to jump through ;-).

"I can climb pretty tall on the gate, too!"

"I think she's just going to stand there taking stupid pictures instead of feeding us."

"Really?" or should I say "Honnnnk!"

Murphy refused to give up, so I put down the camera and picked up a grain scoop.  I guess you boys would like some breakfast ;-).

*   *   *   *   *

**It's these same "high standards" that I'm looking forward to sharing in a couple weeks at the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival.  Come on out.  It will be fun!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Where Are They Now - B. Willard

Baby Willard

Beautiful Willard

BIG Willard :-o


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