Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bottled Sunshine

Annmarie helping a lamb get started on a bottle at The Training Center.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Guardian Dog Camo

Do you see her?

How about now?


What's that lamb looking at?

"I love my lambs."  

Bella ~ The Training Center

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Profound Thought?

Sometimes you find your luck in the middle of beautiful green field...

And sometimes you find it in the middle of a pile of sheep poop :-D.

Hey, it's Monday.  Whadya expect?  ;-). 

"Wake me up when it's over."

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunday Stills - Yellow...With A Lamb Too Of Course ;-)

Thanks, Ed, for keeping the challenges coming!

Did you know this about dandelions?

And for more Lamb Camp...

The second favorite nap spot - by the door on a rainy afternoon. Final Frontier Farm.

The Best Part Of Lamb Camp

Lamb Snorgling :-D

"I have a mark on my head 'cause I need special attention."

"And I love when the nice ladies hold me so I stay toasty warm :-)."

"Help!!!  I've been abducted!!!  Somebody call the police!!!"

"My sister is such a drama queen."

"I TOLD you to stop following me. My mom's gonna call the police!" 

"You can take my picture. I'll even smile nice :-)." 

Good ol' Olive.  She'd only call the police if you didn't give her a cracker.  She's a Keebler cousin :-).

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lamb Camo

I took these pictures throughout a lazy, rainy day. Lambs love to sleep in the bottom of this hay manger. This well fed lamb slept in there so long (hours!) I finally woke her up to make sure she was okay. She gave me the same "I can't believe you are doing this to me!" look as she did when the hay kept falling on her ;-).


Final Frontier Farm.

What Are We, Chopped Liver???

It's not ALL about the baby lambs.  Well, maybe for a few sweet weeks in the springtime... ;-).  But grown up lambs are almost as sweet as baby lambs!

I love when our sheep are rotated out in the Pond Field.  Especially when the grass is starting to get really green and the sun is shining (mostly) and the sky is so blue.

And Hank is out there taking good care of everyone.

Especially Maisie :-).

You might not know this, but Daniel has white spots all over.  This will probably be the last year we'll be able to see them very well as his brown is fading to tan and his white is dirty-ing up to tan ;-).

There are far worse places to be than laying out on your back in the fresh grass on a warm spring afternoon :-D.

I was going to make a funny comment about B. Willard looking like he's getting ready to lamb, but Lila, who is also not due to lamb, kind of makes Willard not look quite so, um, hefty.  And poor skinny teenage Chocula.  This time next year we'll probably be making fun of him as well.  Sigh.

Just so no one goes into Kissy Lips withdrawals ;-).  Another lamb from Kathy's.


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