Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Is For Abby

For anyone not following social media, we lost Abby on Friday.  She'd gone in for a check up, was still a little off, we decided to do one more round of antibiotics and she had a reaction to the shot and they couldn't save her.  The drug was RESFLOR.  Please spread the word - DO  NOT EVER USE ON LAMBS.  

I have taken this incredibly hard.  And I'm going to leave it at that.  

I had not yet done her week three recap and had been looking forward to working on that Friday afternoon.  I didn't think I could do that now and added that to the list of things I was angry that Abby and I were cheated out of.  

I never told her adoption story.  I never told the story about us almost going to Chicago.  Her peeing in my Cheerios one morning.  I never took a funny video of her eating vanilla wafers.  I'd never even taken an official photograph of her.  She was never going to get a mug shot.  Be on the Christmas card.  Get her first hair cut.  Grow up. 

Reg talked me into going ahead with the recap "memory".  Abby had earned that and her life should be celebrated.  I figured if I could get through that I could make her a mug shot, too.  My brain is still too fizzy though and all I could think of for her "rap sheet" was her name.  It's taken me all afternoon to write these few paragraphs.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Abby's Week Two Recap

Abby's having a much better second week at Equinox Farm :-).  She's feeling much better, much to the cat's dismay.  Still hasn't figured out the grazing/eating thing, but she's working on it.  Here is a fun recap.

Life is starting to settle down some.  Not to jinx anything...

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Aaaand We're Back...And We Brought Company

Sorry to be blogless for so long.  I've had the perfect storm of no computer internet access...and for anyone not following IG/Twitter/FB...

This is Abby Lamby.  She was two weeks old yesterday and, boy, has she had a tough two weeks.  She had a very traumatic birth (sheepmom had to do mouth to mouth to even get her started) and ended up with some serious complications that have kept several shepherds and vets working together as what is now being called Team Abby over on Instagram.  I just love that!  

So yes, she came from Nistock Farms so she's sweet and beautiful and smart and all sheep ;-).   Her dad is Brick and Brick's dad was Rocky, which reminds me I've never done an official welcome to the farm post for "the boys".  It's going to take me a bit to catch up. 

I also have new Lamb Camp photos to share...once Abby lets me spend some time in the office ;-).

Saturday, May 19, 2018

2018 Kentucky Sheep And Fiber Festival

Despite the not so great weather (it's May in Kentucky, so it could always be worse ;-), we had a great day at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival.  Biscuit, Muffin and Liddy did a great job working the crowd and all three were happy to let kids of all ages visit with them.  Auntie Reg did a great job working the crowd as always :-).

Here is a fun iPhone compilation of pictures and videos.  This is the "long version".

Looks like the rain is over, so come on out tomorrow!  And don't forget the Bluegrass Classic Stock Dog Trial will still be going on down the hill as well.  Tomorrow is the "double lift" (championship), which is exceptionally fun to watch.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

If You Think I've Gone Missing...

...just check the skirting room. Whew!  I'm done with our fleeces and now I'm working on the fleeces from Tring Farm.  Hopefully I'll be finishing up today because it's almost time to load the trailer!  

For something fun I thought I'd post a Lamb Camp shot from the April Archives and found this sweet picture of one of the guardian dogs, Bella, sleeping with a ewe we call Georgie and her two lambs.  Which reminded me I had a picture from earlier in April...

Georgie was a first time mom this spring and I love this picture of her getting reassurance from Annemarie as they got ready to head to the nursery.  The lambs born out in the field get a ride to the barn in a dog crate on the back of the golf cart.  The moms follow along, keeping a close eye on their babies.

I thought I'd add a link to more information about the golf cart set up and guess what!  That's Georgie as a lamb!  What a fun coincidence :-).

Georgie's fleece is one of the fleeces coming to the festival this weekend.  It's a lovely color and would be a great first fleece for someone wanting to learn how to wash and process a farm fresh  fleece.  I like pairing up fleeces to people and am happy to talk wool all day long, so don't hesitate to ask me for suggestions :-).

Hope to see you this weekend!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Sneak Peek

I've been busy getting the 2018 fleeces ready for the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival this weekend.  I took some pictures as I skirted along and shared quite a few of them and even did a series of educational Chocula fleece pictures and at the end my phone made a sweet video "memory" for me.  

I started a post to share it earlier and then felt the need to go on and on explain about the work and photo stories and the sweet little wren in some of the pictures and nine paragraphs later I realized that when it's 91 stupid degrees and I'm miserable I really don't have anything to write that anyone wants to read so let's just grab a glass of lemonade and watch a sweet video and shut up. 

We are bringing quite a few really nice and fun Equinox Farm fleeces this weekend.  I will also have some pretty fleeces from Tring Farm in our booth.  Kathy will have her Final Frontier Farm fleeces for sale in the Fleece Sale area.

There will also be the usual Punkin's Patch swag (bags, mugs, cards, t-shirts), spindle kits and some yarn and a limited amount of roving.  20 will of course be there and I know everyone wants to know what other sheep are coming...

Saturday, May 12, 2018

All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

More from the April archives.

Thursday's lamb wasn't really doing anything super unusual.  Tucked up either next to or on top of your mom is a favorite baby lamb sleeping spot, especially on a cold afternoon like I remember this one was.

And being so sound asleep you don't even know you've fallen out of bed...too cute :-).

Do you know what's really special about this picture?  That is not that lamb's mother.  She was one of the grannies who had been moved into the nursery pen so she'd get a little extra food before she lambed.  

Good mommas are not always your real momma :-).  

Thursday, May 10, 2018

That Can't Be Comfortable

Another from the April archives...

I remember taking this picture, but I can't remember what the weather was like that day.  There were some brutally cold "spring" days this year.  I'm not sure if this lamb had found a warm spot to sleep or if his mom, a very good first time lamber, had put him back in that corner to keep him safe. 

They'd just moved into the nursery pen so it could be either scenario.  Or sometimes lambs just do silly things :-).

Final Frontier Farm, Paris, Kentucky

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Hours Of Nonstop Entertainment

I was out in the barn yesterday evening when all the sheep headed out for a last bit of grazing.  Nothing unusual about that until Daniel walked out...with the Sheep Chicken on his back.  

While several of the sheep will actually carry the chicken straight over to the wall where her night perch is located, Daniel is apparently not one.  Oh, he's happy to let the chicken surf from his back to another sheep's back, but if he has to mastermind the complete trip...  

"I thought the chicken was supposed to stay back in the barn."

Spud, far left, looks like he's telling Daniel he did it wrong.  Spud is one of the best chicken transport sheep.

"Yes, I realize that now, Spud!"

"You made a new puzzle from that picture?"

"For crying out loud.  This just gets worse and worse."


"I have a chicken on my back."

"I have a chicken on my back."

"A little help here, lady?!?"

"I have a chicken on my back."

"Come here, Big D, and I'll take the chicken in for you."

He might not understand how to get the chicken put to bed properly, but he does know he can walk over to me and I'll fix it...after I take a few pictures ;-).  

Monday, May 7, 2018

Friday, May 4, 2018

The View From The Hill

If you follow along on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook you'll know I frequently post a "Good morning!" photo from the back porch or from along the driveway, looking up the hill towards the sunrise.  The other morning I decided to grab a cup of coffee and head up/over there and shoot down the hill.

The early risers joined me.

Biscuit and Muffin, side by side :-).

What is Chocula watching?

The dogs were finishing up their morning patrol out back.

Good morning, June :-).

'Morning, Hank :-).

If you click to biggify, you can see Kate and Comby watching from the porch steps.

Continuing on patrol.  Hank headed back to the barn with the sheep.  

While June parked out in the field to monitor something across the road.

Good morning!

Here's a new puzzle.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

From The Archives...Of April

There are still two ewes left to lamb at Tring Farm, so Lamb Camp isn't completely over for the year. Until then, I'll try to get a few more pictures posted when I can...because we can never have too many pictures of sweet little lambs, right?  

Final Frontier Farm, Paris, Kentucky

Sunday, April 29, 2018


This robin nest is right out the greenhouse door...just off the back porch. Saint Tim put some wire fencing around the tree to try and discourage any bad cat behavior, but we won't rest easy until they've safely fledged.  We are enjoying watching them though.

I'm not sure if the adult in the first four pictures is the male or the female.  One feeds the kids and one cleans up after them.  Between the worms and the 'what comes next', I'm not sure I'd like either job ;-).

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Very Best Momma

Today was a big vet day.  We started at the house and vaccinated all the barn cats.  Then we went to the barn and they did the dogs.  Next came the sheep.  

I had a pen of frail sheep separated out that didn't need to be jostled around in the main pen.  We left Maisie in that pen as well as she's, um, a little mentally frail and no one wanted to get rhinoceros-ed by her, especially as she'd recently sharpened her fangs ;-).  Everyone else was crowded into a small working pen so they were easy to catch without any running around and in no time at all everyone was done.

From there we went to the other end of the barn where Rocky and Jared, the two Nistock rams that had been at Tring Farm for the last few years, have now moved.  They needed a retirement home and our place seemed most obvious.  Family takes care of family.  To live here though they needed to be castrated.

After that...we gathered up our supplies...and our nerve...and walked back into the main barn.  I knew what I'd see.  I just knew.  

I don't know what Muffin and Pepperpot knew.  Maybe Muffin was just a little stressed from getting her booster shot and was only looking for some comfort and reassurance.  Maybe Mrs. Pepperpot knew she was in a bad way and something was going to be done.  Maybe they'd both understood what I'd tried to tell them last night.  

As I stood there trying to get up my courage to open the door, Mrs. P. turned her head and tucked it over Muffin's.  I quickly took this one last picture because I was afraid I'd regret it if I didn't and then laid my head on the wall and sobbed.  I can break my own heart...but I've never had to break someone else's.

I opened the gate so everyone would go out to graze.  Muffin went out with them.  We had a little apple and Cheerios party and Mrs. P. went easily.  Muffin was one of the first sheep back to the barn and she came right in to see her and I think understood.  

Muffin is a big girl. She grew up loved and encouraged and nothing is going to stop her.  That she grew up at all is a testament to her toughness.  And it was that love and devotion and toughness that made everyone fall in love with both of them.  

It was an honor, Mrs. Pepperpot.  We will all take good care of your baby.  And we'll all miss the heck out of you.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Wait For It...

"Is that lady bothering you?"

"No, not really."

"What are you looking at?"

"You're looking at my mouth?"

"You mean..."


You might have the cutest teefers ever!

Final Frontier Farm, Paris, Kentucky

And here's a new puzzle :-).


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