Saturday, December 1, 2018

This Rainy Day Thing... starting to be a bit ridiculous.

So how about a new puzzle!

If you are looking for something else to do indoors today, I posted Maisie's birthday party in two parts on YouTube.  This is the footage from the live Instagram video...but the live comments and questions didn't transfer over, so it just sounds like I'm talking to myself.  Only a little bit crazier than normal ;-).

I'm working on the new Christmas card today.  Plenty to keep me busy indoors :-o.


  1. Loved these videos!💕. Since I can’t be there in person next best thing. Hug a sheep for me.

  2. Great videos of Maisie’s birthday party. I really enjoyed them. Maisie is so cute! And thanks for the puzzle! It was fun to solve and the photo is lovely.

  3. Maisie is the cutest little sheep Once more Happy Birthday Maisie!

  4. The image of Maisie in devil horns at DQ will forever be in my heart.


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