Thursday, January 18, 2018

In Case You're Wondering...

...why Hank's tail is not big and poofy anymore...

It's June's favorite game.  Not Hank's so much ;-).

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Snow Day

Baaxter's not looking too excited about it...although I think he actually likes snow.  He stays out in it a long time and likes to eat snow off the gate rungs... 

Hershey doesn't mind the snow either as he is well, um, insulated ;-).

So is Chocula.  Snow will sit on top of the sheep's backs for days, never melting, much like on the roof of a well insulated house.

"I'm well insulated, too, which is good because my mom is still locked in the Pepperpot Cafe for breakfast and I can't go snuggle up with her."  

"That stupid Pepperpot Cafe is set up right where I always sleep.  That's MY spot."

Thelma and Burrnie

The snow ended around noon and then the sun came out.  A very pretty afternoon :-).

And a new puzzle.  Enjoy!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Mrs. Pepperpot And Her Snuggle Muffin

I'm not exactly sure why Muffin and Mrs. Pepperpot are always sleeping together now.  This wasn't the case all fall and into winter.  It pretty much started after I tried to move Mrs. P into the Del Boca Vista Annex and subsequently moved her back after the weather broke.

Were they stressed by the "weaning" (even though they were only separated by a gate) and are just so relieved to be back together? 

Does Muffin know her mom is struggling and is worried about her?  Maybe thinks she's cold?  Is trying to make her feel better?  I wonder now, all those times when I thought Muffin was being too bossy, pawing her mom to make her get up...was she trying to keep her moving?

Is Mrs. Pepperpot just being a devoted momma, taking good care of her baby?  If so, why were they not sleeping side by side all along?

I can't tell who is more comforted by the other.  Mrs. P is constantly watching for where Muffin is when she's not by her side...but watch the video at the end. 

Yes, I know this looks more like this is going to be a video of Woody.  He does the perfect video bomb, complete with snarfling ;-D.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

On A Cold And Snowy Day

You can close your eyes and almost think it's summer again. Wait, that's stupid.  Don't close your eyes.  This is a photo blog ;-).  As a little morale boost for Mrs. Pepperpot, I put the old gang back together the other day for an afternoon graze in Del Boca Vista.

Aw, they are still side by side :-).

A little Biscuit and Muffin sheep heart.  Sigh... :-)

Mrs. P loves her little girl...who's not that little anymore...but who still loves her momma.  Some pictures coming tomorrow that are so sweet they are guaranteed to make your teeth hurt.

And to keep you busy until then, three new puzzles.  Yep, they are Biscuit and Muffin :-).

Friday, January 12, 2018

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sharing Some Spud Love

I lucked into several days of good blog fodder today!  I'll start with these sweet pictures of Spud and June sharing some love :-).

I couldn't resist - two new puzzles!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Un-Yarning Along

I'm a firm believer in setting yourself up to succeed...but I only let myself knit at night, after dinner, when I'm tired.  It was 63 degrees today.  I worked until 4:00 and grabbed my knitting bag and headed for the Grahaminator (my favorite knitting spot).  Getting such an early start I was sure to go far.  And I did.

And then I noticed that I'd doubled up a row the night before...and had to frog four rows.  Four rows on a hat is no big deal to most knitters, but I'm a Slow Knitter.  Nothing else to do though.  And then June rolled over on her back looking like my knitting was killing her...and I had to laugh.

At least the scenery was nice :-).

I think I'm back on track, but I'll give it a good double check tonight after dinner.  I decided to have a margarita.  That can only help, right?   

I'm currently listening to The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald.  It's taken me a bit to get into it, but it's starting to get interesting. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Probably Not Where She Needs To Be...

...but sometimes where you want to be is really where you need to be.

As my beloved cold snap has ended (insert grumbling...and sobs) I pulled off Mrs. Pepperpot's blanket this morning.  It's raining and dreary (and this is better than sunny and 15, how???) but I knew she'd be dry inside her granny cave and didn't want her to get too warm. 

Like she thought she'd been released from prison, she headed out in the rain, down the side of the barn to the gate back into the main flock.  I turned her around twice, but she would not go back inside.  I finally decided to let her back in with the rest of the sheep.

While she won't get all the special attention and special food she'd been getting in the annex, she probably will get up and move around better in there.  That may actually be as or more important than anything.  Even with the extra arthritis meds we'd been giving her, she was having more and more trouble getting up and that's never good.

I tossed out plenty of hay piles and she teetered around for a bit before settling into a group and I decided she was as okay.  I'd figure out how to get her fed dinner somehow.  At lunch I went out to try and sneak her some graham crackers like she's gotten used to.  I found her sound asleep next to Muffin. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy St. Distaff's Day

I did actually do some spinning (young Renny from the special stash) to celebrate or honor St. Distaff's Day or Roc Day, but it would take an amazing yarn shot to top a corgi sleeping on a pile of roving ;-).  

Hope all my spinning friends got to enjoy some time at the wheel or spindle!

Friday, January 5, 2018

It Was All I Dreamed It Would Be

...except in my dreams I was younger and thinner and a much better skater ;-D. 

We don't normally get cold enough long enough to grow enough ice to safely skate on farm ponds in Kentucky.  It's not been over 30 since Christmas and it's been as cold as -4.  When I was walking out back the other night and saw June out in the middle of the pond and how thick the ice looked...I got the bug.  

I can remember as a kid, riding the school bus looking at frozen ponds, wishing I had a pond to skate on.  We'd go down to the creeks and fake skate, but it wasn't the same.  One year it did get cold enough to skate on a nearby lake and I remember going over there to this day.  

I decided to take a chance on finding a pair of skates in Lexington yesterday and hit the road for the Lexington Ice Center.  They didn't have any skates for sale, but gave me the name of the person at the pro shop who "might be able to help".  I gave her a call.

I have a feeling she'd been asked many times over about buying skates for use on farm ponds but was kind and as helpful as she could be.  She could take my measurements and order skates, but by the time they got here, I knew it would be too late.  I was crushed.

"Wait, I do have some used skates for sale.  What size do you need?"  I told her and she thought for a second and said "I have one pair that might work for you.  Let me call you back in a couple minutes."  She called me back with instructions to go in and find the manager and he would show me the skates.  

As the pro shop wasn't actually open, she spent several minutes on the phone giving me fitting instructions and a stern warning about skating on unsafe ice.  I went in, tried on the one pair of skates she said might work...and they fit perfectly.  I headed home in near disbelief...or as we like to say "I can't believe it's finally happening!"

This first thing I did when I got home was take a drill out to check the ice thickness.  The thinnest spot I could find was a little over 4" and a couple other spots I checked were at least 5", deeper than my drill bit.  I checked for any spots that might have any current or some other issue and felt like it was okay.  I only got to skate for a couple minutes though before it got dark.  

This morning I went out to see if I could broom off some of the snow patches that were giving me trouble last night and, yikes, the pond was cracking and popping and I quickly beat tracks back to the house.  I did some google research and found out all sorts of amazing things about ice, especially ice when the sun hits it and the temperatures are increasing or decreasing...  

I felt like "on paper" the ice was just fine, even thicker today than yesterday, but discretion being the better part of valor, decided to wait until Tim could get home to babysit me.  He drilled a few more spots and walked all over the pond and declared it safe.  I laced up my very own skates and had an amazing afternoon skating on my very own ice rink.  I can't wait to go back out tomorrow!

I'm sitting on a lawn chair here, not flat on my butt on the ice ;-).

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Back Yarning Along

When Ginny stopped hosting the popular Yarn Along last year I thought, "Well, I can still post on Wednesdays and use that as a record of progress." A couple of my favorite Yarn Along-ers tried that as well. It just wasn't the same.  I'm so glad the Yarn Along is back even if it looks like it's just monthly now.  It's a lot of fun and I've made several new friends through this group and picked up quite a few good book tips as well.  

For this week's Yarn Along post I'm sharing some Christmas gift knitting.  Not knitting I'm doing to gift, but knitting gifts given to me ;-).  This Voe hat is a kit from Brooklyn Tweed.  I've been really wanting to try some of their yarn not only because it's so beautifully marketed, but also because it's American made yarn from American sheep.  Nice!

So far I've gotten to learn a new cast on (German) and a new ribbing.  I think the ribbing is called mistake broken ribbing.  I. Hate. Knitting. Ribbing.  Getting to straight knit every other row was a huge morale booster :-D.  I may never knit un-mistake un-broken ribbing again!

Is this not the most charming project bag ever?

With the most charming logo and tag to boot?  I just love everything about this project so far :-).

And it was nice to see the sheep venture out for a bit this afternoon.  A brief foray near 30 degrees!

My book this week is another favorite Christmas gift.  Sheep-O!  The story of the worlds fastest shearers.  I'd link to it but it's so old it doesn't even show up on Amazon's used books.  Maybe if I checked Amazon Australia.  It's fascinating!

I've also listened to a ton of good audio books that I've been thinking for months how fun they'd be to share.  I'll try to put together a list for my next week's (I'm just going to keep repeating that to myself  in hopes I can challenge myself to do it ;-) Yarn Along post.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Fun For The New Year

Even if the old year wasn't dreadful, I always look forward to the new year.  I don't get too superstitiously crazy on New Year's Eve, but I do make sure the house is at least tidy (laundry put away, trash taken out, no dirty dishes in the sink...), all the bills are paid as best we can and I have black eyed peas and cabbage ready to cook the next day.

The next morning I make sure I get up early, eat a healthy breakfast, go out to the barn to check on everybody, do my chores and proceed to do lots of other things throughout the day that I think are important and enjoy and want to do for the rest of the year.  Much like I do almost every day :-).  

I interrupt this blog post to tell you that the stunning full moon has just crested the front field and I am watching it from the office window.  I love watching the moon rise.  I think it's interesting how last night it rose more towards Stella's house and just as I was finishing evening chores.  Tonight it's closer to the road and  it waited until I was settled in the house.  If I hadn't been sitting right here, I'd have missed it!  

I understand the general principle of the planets and moons rotating, but I'd like to better understand the route or schedule.  Or specifically, the route of our planet and moon as it appears here in my backyard.  Maybe I'll put that on my list for this month.  I have to think there is probably an online animation that would show me that.  Or maybe there is some place like a planetarium to visit in one of the bigger cities around us.

So, my list for this month...  This is my new year's "plan".  While 2017 as a year was actually pretty good to me, the ending was incredibly awful.  An entire chapter, probably the biggest one, of my life ended.  Nothing to look forward to.  No warm back to at least go sit on to welcome the new year.  I still cannot fully grasp this.

In an effort to cheer myself up I started thinking of little fun things I'd been wanting to do, but putting off, for whatever stupid reason, assuming I had all the time in the world.  Nothing grand or life changing, but lots of little things I could put on a list, cross off, add to.  Or maybe not one big list, but a new small list each month.

I would like to finally make my Maggie Rabbit, knit a handspun sweater for my beloved first teddy bear, knit a stuffed animal, learn to count sheep in the "old way", try to take some of those beautifully arranged Instagram shots I keep seeing, try backstrap weaving, learn about the moon in my backyard!

Maybe I'll make a cartoon graphic for the side bar to remind me or keep "score".  Cartoons are fun.  I'd like to create more cartoons.  More sketching and painting in general would be fun.  Maybe work on a short story or a farm story.  Or a Lamb Camp photo book.  The possibilities are endless and it can be new year's day every day.

By the way, the yarn above, in my first attempt at one of those artsy IG photos, is a Voe hat kit from Brooklyn Tweed that I got for Christmas.  I'll hopefully share more about it tomorrow because THE YARN ALONG IS BACK :-D.  

Monday, January 1, 2018


I had big plans to do a New Year's Day post and even took some project pictures throughout the day, but I just don't have the gumption to put that together this evening.  I'll give it a try again tomorrow.  

One of my "goals" for the new year is on days when I can't pull together a full blog to at least post some pictures, sort of Wordless Wednesday style.  Writing blog posts takes energy, clarity and concentration, all frequently on short supply by the time I sit down in the evening.  Pictures can tell stories...and if they can't, you can have fun making one up :-D.

The morning sun was lovely.  Cold, but lovely.  We are headed down to zero tonight, but I'll take that over -31 any day.  Stay warm out there!  And enjoy some pictures from the barn this morning.



Beanie Baby and friends


Don't do it, Muffin!  (click to biggify ;-)


Hank and Murphy

Gotta love a June photobomb ;-).


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