Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy St. Distaff's Day

I did actually do some spinning (young Renny from the special stash) to celebrate or honor St. Distaff's Day or Roc Day, but it would take an amazing yarn shot to top a corgi sleeping on a pile of roving ;-).  

Hope all my spinning friends got to enjoy some time at the wheel or spindle!


sophy0075 said...

Drat! I spent the day knitting, after church.
Maybe I’ll remember next year,
That is a very sweet photo. Surely you used some other roving and did not disturb the sleeper.

Michelle said...

A sweet photo. I received your card and my entire family got a kick out of identifying the animals on the front.

Suzanna said...

Wonderful article...thank you for sharing it...I had no idea!❤️

Joyce F said...

Enjoyed the article about St. Distaff's Day. I'm not a spinner but I found it interesting.

Terry and Linda said...

What a cute little doggie!

Lady Fi said...

A lovely shot.


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