Saturday, January 13, 2018

On A Cold And Snowy Day

You can close your eyes and almost think it's summer again. Wait, that's stupid.  Don't close your eyes.  This is a photo blog ;-).  As a little morale boost for Mrs. Pepperpot, I put the old gang back together the other day for an afternoon graze in Del Boca Vista.

Aw, they are still side by side :-).

A little Biscuit and Muffin sheep heart.  Sigh... :-)

Mrs. P loves her little girl...who's not that little anymore...but who still loves her momma.  Some pictures coming tomorrow that are so sweet they are guaranteed to make your teeth hurt.

And to keep you busy until then, three new puzzles.  Yep, they are Biscuit and Muffin :-).


Shirley said...

Those two are adorable bff's.
Will check out the puzzles!

JaneJMtl said...

So, so sweet. I love this little family. Thanks for taking such good care of Mrs. P. (and all the other sheep and assorted animals too, of course!). Being able to make a (virtual) visit to your farm whenever I want is such a treat.

Karen Larko said...

I love seeing the photos of your beautiful sheep. I once thought I would like to have sheep here until I read a few books on what it takes to have a sheep farm. So much hard work and I am too old now to take on something like that. I will just enjoy seeing yours and spinning wool that I buy from others. Thanks for sharing!

sophy0075 said...

I heart this family.

Terry and Linda said...

These are sweet little photos of sweet little sheeps!

LannieK said...

They look so happy :-)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Love the sheep heart!! perfect! :)


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