Monday, January 22, 2018

All That's Left Is The Pictures

The snow disappeared in just a matter of hours over the weekend.  Heartbreaking.  And we have thunderstorms predicted for later today.  That ought to be lovely on top of the already muddy melted ground.  

I have several sets of pictures for my "scrapbook" though so if you want to sit out in the warm(ish) muddy rain, that's fine.  I'm staying out in the cold, frozen, frosty snow for a couple more days.  These are some earlier pictures before the second snow really prettied everything up.

This was an exceptionally cold morning and the sheep and dogs were covered in frost.

Muffin was frosty only on the side of her face next to her mom.  I'm guessing she was sleeping with her head on Mrs. Pepperpot's back and the warm humidity froze when she raised up.

It always amazes me to see pictures of Maisie like this.  To see how small she really is.  I suppose she just seems larger than life...when she's headed in your direction ;-).  Objects in real life may be smaller than they appear.

Two new puzzles :-).



Grey Horse Matters said...

Our snow is disappearing too. We have rain and fog today and high 40’s. But there’s plenty of mud to go around! I like the snow but I’m happy to see the ice go. Love your pictures.

Susan said...

Your farm and its inhabitants are beautiful in any weather! I was surprised that Maisie is so small, too - that small frame sure houses a large personality!

Linda said...

I love that first photo! The dreadlocks are awesome!

tpals said...

Beautiful, placid, fuzzy-warm feeling inducing pictures.

Michelle said...

Ha! Those dreadlocks are so perfect. There are people who would love to have those!

sophy0075 said...

Maisie has a Napoleon complex 😆 bless her heart.

Bless Miss Muffin too, for helping to keep her momma warm.

sophy0075 said...

Maisie has a Napoleon complex 😆 bless her heart.

Bless Miss Muffin too, for helping to keep her momma warm.

Lady Locust said...

What great photos! Maisie just has a big personality 😋

Marilyn F. said...

Nice pictures. Thanks. Looks Brrrrr cold and I think I'd stay indoors too for a while. Hope you will be getting warmer weather soon, although all your critters outside look happy and well fed.

Far Side of Fifty said...

What Maisie lacks in size she makes up in character:) If I could send you snow I would:)

D. Bailey said...

Off topic: Your sheep are trend-setters! The newest Chinese national past-time is: cat sniffing!

Just heard it on the radio. Young, single, childless Chinese like to stroke cats while sniffing their fur. Claims it is a stress reliever and a calming activity for them.

No word on how the cats felt about it.

Who knew? Your sheep knew!

Lisa Smith said...

What a lovely photo of Comby! His brightly-colored fur really stands out with the snow in the foreground. It's always a treat to see him!


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