Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ah, The Good Old Days

Mr. Handsome

Kate waits patiently at the Wool House while I'm feeding, ready to step in whenever I need back up.  I have no idea where the little weasel (Tilly/Weaslie) is.  She isn't in any of these pictures.  Probably up to no good ;-).

Biscuit doesn't sleep right next to his adopted mom, but he keeps a close eye on her :-).

I love this picture of Bullwinkle napping in the sun.  Last year's Mr. Handsome, momma's little butterball :-D.  And Muffin, goofing around...looking a bit like a butterball herself.

And one more picture of Kate because you can never have too many pictures of GOOD dogs ;-).



karen said...

what a pretty sunny day!! and the poses of your furries are perfect :)

Cheryl West said...

A lovely looking brisk winter day and still snow for you and the sheep with a good sunny patch for Kate. Perfect!

Marilyn F. said...

Sweet photos of very happy looking sheep. Especially like the first photo with its various colors of white and soft blue sky. Very nice.

Shirley said...

All is well.... except for whatever trouble Weaslie was getting into!

sophy0075 said...


Naaah (baaah?) it's just all that lovely fleece ("does my fleece make me look fat?") Couldn't possibly be Cheerios, or Vanilla Wafers, or Saltines ;)

Terry and Linda said...

You have WAY more snow than we do....our ground is dry!

LannieK said...

A beautiful winter day for soaking up the sunshine, aka solar power. My goodness... look at all that fleece!

Lori Skoog said...

The light in these photos is fantastic!

GRSshoes said...

Sweet photos of very happy looking sheep.


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