Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yarn Along - For The Winter Olympics

It's here!  It's here!  It's finally been FOUR WHOLE YEARS and time for the Winter Olympics! I enjoy the Summer Olympics too, but a whole Olympics devoted to my favorite time of year?  Oh you know it! :-D

It's also time for the Ravellenic Games, formerly known as the Knitting Olympics.  The Olympic folks came after the Ravelry folks for using the word Olympics two years ago.  Same ultimate challenge with a clever new name ;-).

The goal of participating in the Ravellenic Games is to set a fiber art (I don't think it has to be knitting) challenge, start it no earlier than the opening ceremonies, work hard to complete your challenge during the games, watch along if you wish and be finished by the closing ceremonies.

Your challenge can be anything that's a true challenge to you.  Push yourself.  It could be knitting a huge lace shawl or just learning to knit.  Want to spin up an entire fleece or just learn to drop spindle?  Weave something?  I think it all counts.  Or at least it counts on our team :-).

If you'd like to join Team My Favorite Sheep, we have a fun group over on Ravelry.  Just drop in, join the group and let us know what your challenge will be.  If you'd enjoy keeping everyone posted on your progress, we love to hear and see pictures.  We are great cheerleaders and there is a ton of talent there if you crash your sled ;-).  There are also a whole list of other teams and groups and "sports" and on and on and on...

I worked up a fun ravatar for our team.  Originally Maisie's head was a little too big.  When I showed it to Saint Tim his comment was "Well, her head's too big for her britches anyway."  So I fixed that! Also, Boudreaux is a bit over-tall, but since he's spent most of his life being "under-tall" he said he was okay with it ;-).  

Feel free to take and use it as a button if you'd like - just please link it back to this post or to our Ravelry team thread.  And, hey, if you'd like to participate but you aren't on Ravelry (gasp! ;-), just leave your comments here on the blog and enjoy the games! 

Joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along.  My Ravellenic Challenge is to design and knit a Rebecca Boone vest, so the only books I'm reading right now are pattern books ;-). 


  1. Let the Games begin!

    What a wonderful idea... wow, can't wait to see all the creations.

    Should do something similar for crafting, since I dare say I suck at knitting...

  2. We are super excited for the games to begin!
    I love the idea of knitting something challenging will watching the games, sounds like
    a lot of fun.

  3. I have to finish up my pattern so I can cast on a new one for the opening ceremonies. Yikes! I want to play! It is going to take a miracle.

  4. Love the ravatar! Another great design by Sara.

  5. Yea Team My Favorite Sheep!!! Love your Ravatar! I am in! (as in, inside! It's -22!!!).
    Let the Games begin!

  6. What LannieK said. :-) (though it's way warmer here -- 18(F), if you don't consider the wind, which is blowing hard)

    I think the Olympic Committee needs to get a grip. Here are a large bunch of people who get extra-excited for the Olympics, because they are competing along, in their own way, and the committee wants to squash that? Really? Especially given that our way of competing lends itself extremely well to watching more tv???? :-)

    I competed in the first two Knitting Olympics (and that was why I started my blog!). I knit my first pair of socks in 2006, and I designed, knit, and felted a pair of slippers in 2010. I haven't picked up my needles since 2010 -- I think my goal is going to be to make myself enough pairs of knitted/felted slippers to last me until the next winter olympics!

    I am not on Ravelry, but may have to join. :-)

  7. I have a crochet project that is stuck for the moment maybe by the end of the olympics I will have to done and delivered:)

  8. I actually went to this revelry destination yesterday....I had apparently join in July last year but not knowing what to do with it it sat until yesterday, when it ventured, tentatively into something I had stumbled on.....perhaps I will find my way back there, it's all a little confusing and overwhelming over there, I'd like to join you, but I have projects already started here & being summer here, just getting some yarn work in is a challenge.....but if you have any tips for a newbie to that destination place of revelry.........
    Hugs Sharm (Australia)

  9. I'd say finishing some WIP is a fine challenge! Don't get bogged down in all the options with the main group. If you want to explore and find some fun stuff, go for it, but if it's too much to deal with (especially in the heat!), just have some fun :-).

    I Need Orange - I didn't know that's why you started blogging :-D.

  10. sounds like quite a bit of fun. I'm thinking a challenge is just what I need to finish my granddaughter's knit blanket! :)

  11. I will come on board next time, in four years. Hopefully, I will learn how to knit by then so I can actually create something.

  12. What a fun thing! I remember hearing about the "Knitting Olympics" four years ago when I first joined ravelry. Thanks for reminding me about such a fun opportunity.

  13. I have decided to learn how to knit socks.. Do you sell yarn for socks? It will be a good winter project.. It will take me until Spring to get them done.. Do you have a easy first time sock pattern that you recommend?
    Love it when you have the Knitting Olympics going on in your life.. Four years ago you made that beautiful was just amazing....and looked so great on you..
    Have a blessed day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  14. Okay... I'm in trouble now... I bought some needles and wool.... Do you mind a newbie on your team? I so want to play!

  15. Yay :-D. Do you have someone local to help you get started? If not, there are a bunch of good books (probably at your library) and tons of videos on YouTube.

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  16. Awesome! I will see you on ravelry!

    Love your farm accounts too!

  17. Awesome! I will see you on ravelry!

    Love your farm accounts too!

  18. Hee Hee ~ "her heads too big for her britches " :)

  19. Are you going to have your sheep carry the Rallenic torch?

  20. You are just the Best cheerleader!
    I wonder if I can finish the Firth o'Forth sweater by then, only the back and sleeves to finish :) with very fine first I was knitting 4 hours a day and then life got in the way so I know I can bash on and DO it. Thanks. Your
    Ravatar is great.

  21. Hey, I'm in. I think. Yes. Maybe. Definitely maybe. Sheesh. Well, probably.

  22. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I can feel you poking me with a knitting needle. I know, here I am with my own sheepies, and I don't know how to knit! I'm inspired. Okay, I'll figure this out. Count me in.

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