Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Since None Of Us Has Any Sun...Again...

How about a sweet picture of Biscuit enjoying the fleeting sun from the other day.  He's looking over at all of the rest of his buddies...on the other side of the fence.  Sometimes it's complicated being Biscuit ;-).  

I'd suggest "putting yourself in the photo, sitting in the sun up on the hill", but you'd end up with muddy pants.  Sigh...

Might as well just torture yourself with  a new puzzle!


  1. Oh, Biscuit, I feel your pain. We had sun on Saturday. It's, once again, a distant memory.

  2. I love your puzzles :D

  3. It must be raining all over the world! :) Our yard is nothing but mush and according to the weather report this was supposed to be a week of sun. Boy did that change. Nothing but clouds in the sky. Oh, I've just looked back at Maisie's birthday. It's so cute, and her baby picture is adorable. And that Hank sleeping up-side-down in the barn made me laugh. I need to keep up!

  4. Sun is sure welcome at this time of year! It was a pretty dismal November.

  5. The sunlight really does become precious when it is so rare. Snow clouds over us all day today, and a few flurries in the mountain pass...can't complain. It was absolutely beautiful. Hugs to Biscuit. :-)

  6. Pretty cool puzzle site. I haven't see that before.

  7. No sun here, no green here, wet and muddy, BUT we have been so dry it is a good thing. The terrible cold is a bit much though

  8. We had sun today for the first time in days! (I know it was the sun - I compared it to a NASA photo ;) )

    Gosh, even a bit of sun makes me feel so much better. So Biscuit, I feel your pain. Go now and eat some four-leaf clovers. Talk to the crowing hen. Sympathize with Comby and Betsy - cats really, really feel the lack of a warm, sunny place to sleep.


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