Sunday, November 25, 2018

Today Is Mah Birthday!

"Believe it or not, I've managed to live to six years old without killing myself...even though I've sure tried over the years ;-).  Mom's going to make me a birthday "cake" this afternoon and is going to try to broadcast my party live on Instagram at 3:00 EST*.  This oughta be exciting :-D."

I think you'll need an Instagram account, but maybe not.  And I think you'll have to follow me, but maybe not.  I think if you have Instagram open at 3:00 and you follow me, when I "go live" you should get a notice telling you that and then you'll tap on a link or something and should be able to see and hear all the craziness festivities.

If you aren't free at that time, the recorded video should stay available for 24 hours and you can watch it later.  When you open to your feed/account/homepage/whatever it's called, look for one of the circles near the top and you should see an icon of 20 with a blue background.  You may need to scroll through the circles to the right.

I'm not super social media savvy so if this doesn't seem right or is confusing, either go to the Instagram site and look for help or, better yet, find a teenager ;-).  

*This is a plan.  It is only a plan.  If something happens and I can't pull it off at 3:00, I will try again at 4:00.  If I can't pull it off at 4:00...well, that's just Maisie...and we are just going to roll with it ;-).


  1. Happy Birthday Maisie!

  2. Happy Birthday Maisie! Enjoy your party and cake.

  3. Happy birthday, Maisie! I’m so glad you had a fun party.

  4. Oh, what a splendid video! The flock attacking the “birthday cake” reminded me of a more civilized version of the shoppers in the store I work at attacking the clothes displays on Black Friday. But Maisie’s birthday looked like a lot more fun.

    Glad everyone had fun and survived.

  5. How can she be six already!?! I LOVE that photograph - the best teefers ever! Happy birthday, you contrary, wonderful girl!


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