Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sheep To Shawl

Oops, I'd forgotten we'd taken these pictures at the end of October :-o.  Probably better to show them for Wovember anyway.  That would be rationalized procrastination ;-).

"Hey, Baba?  Would you mind if we took some pictures of you and the shawl I spun and wove from your fleece?"

"I've got cookies :-)."

"Those are pretty good cookies, so...sure."

This would be a perfect shot...if she wasn't chewing :-o.

"You made this from my wool?"


"That's actually pretty cool!"

It's very cool!

I always love to see what kbdoolin has made, especially when it comes from our flock. Just beautiful, Karen! 


  1. And the Baba agreed! Nice shawl.

  2. Those are wonderful photos; Babba is beautiful!

  3. Baba cleans up pretty good!! The blanket is gorgeous!!

  4. Oh I love it! Isn't the what the sheep, fiber, wool world of making things all about!

  5. Gorgeous! The shawl, Baba, and KB! I think posting this in Wovember makes perfect sense.

  6. Stunning - Baba and the beautiful blanket! Love!

  7. Very nice ~ and I think Blossom agrees.

  8. Very beautiful. And you are a beautiful sheep!

  9. I love how she looks like she's really contemplating the process of wool to blanket. Great pics and lovely blanket!

  10. Isn't she beautiful and proud to wear a shawl from her very own fleece.

  11. Beautiful photos- and that shawl looks very cuddly soft!

  12. Beautiful! Always fun to see what your wool ends up like!


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