Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween Or April Fools Day?

Monday evening the Cynthiana Dairy Queen held a Howl-O-Ween Pet Costume Contest as a fundraiser for the Harrison County Humane Society.  I couldn't resist.  

My original plan was to take sweet little Liddy dressed as a pumpkin.  That would have been easy.  She's quiet and kind and walks on a leash and wouldn't have minded (too much) being dressed up as a pumpkin.  Somehow that plan got changed to taking Maisie.  Dressed as a devil.  To Dairy Queen.  


Tim's first question was "What are you going to do when she hurts someone?"  Not if...when.  I stewed about it for a couple weeks and finally came up with what I decided would be the safest plan for everyone involved.  We had two different types of halters packed, a collar and leash, a set of panels to make a secure pen if needed, cookies, Cheerios and her entourage. 

This is what walked out of the trailer (cue angelic music).

Maisie not only rode over there like a champ, tolerated her costume (she has a bow tie and a devil tail as well as her horns), stood quietly while we waited in line, walked up to the patio (she's never been trained to lead!), through the crowd, stood for her interview, walked off the patio, posed for some pictures and then back onto the trailer.

The devil went to Dairy Queen!

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I'd like to think Maisie knew she was doing all this to help other animals, but I'm guessing it was more that we just got lucky ;-)  However, always remember to support your local humane societies not just at Howl-a-ween, but throughout the year.  They need all the help they can get.  Sometimes even just a couple cans of wet kitten food makes a big difference.

Happy Halloween!


Linda said...

Tim's first question was "What are you going to do when she hurts someone?"

That was my first thought too and I've never even met her!! So glad she behaved herself. Maybe she was feeling very special and privileged to be selected. Or maybe she was thinking "Finally! they realize I'm the Boss!"

Helen said...

My father-in-law raised and showed cattle at one point years ago. He had this 'mean' Jersey bull, but he swore that bull KNEW when they were going to the show ring and was 'perfect'. But don't go near him any other time.
Maise's soul mate?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Maisie...a Devil? I don't believe a word of it. Look how well-behaved she was. I bet she knew she was on parade as a special girl and loved the attention! She deserved that award and she knows it!

sophy0075 said...

Perhaps someone slipped her some holy water before she boarded the trailer?

Or she’s planning her revenge (cue the Twilight Zone music)...

Anyway, kudos to both of you for promoting a great cause! Spat and neuter, folks! Adopt, don’t shop!

MarmePurl said...

She's plotting something. Lulling us to be off guard. Be Careful.
Be very, very Careful.

Unknown said...

What a HOWL......that was just the best....LMAO Knew she could do it!!
I love her......and you too of course :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Are you sure that she was not ill? Glad she was cooperative...doesn't sound normal for Maisie:)

katherine littrell said...

That is just too much. The devil tail was perfect! Cutest devil ever!


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