Friday, November 16, 2018

Fall Snow

For anyone keeping score at home, this is actually the second snow.  Neither has been very "big", but if it snows enough that I'm excited about it, I'm counting it as a snow!  Maybe these were mildly foggy mornings back in August ;-).

I was walking around the barn trying to figure out a way to take a cell phone picture that really showed how pretty it was this morning, not having any luck, grumbling to myself, "This is one of the many bad things about not blogging enough - no good camera pictures anymore."

...hel-lo!  If you took 14 steps to the right, you could go pick up your very lonely camera from the Wool House...

...oh...yeah... (insert eye rolling emoticon)

Burrnie looks like he has a posse!

Spud in the foreground, Jared and Tavia, one of his many "girlfriends", on the left.  Jared is still quite the ladies man even after being 'tutered this summer.

From a slightly different angle.

A new favorite picture (and puzzle :-).  I couldn't have captured the colors this well with my phone, hel-LO!  Sigh... 

I took about 20 pictures of Muffin eating a leaf.  Want to see them?  Oh, Muuufffiin ;-).

"Muffin, Muffin, Muffin.  Who wants to see a billion pictures of Muffin eating a stupid leaf!"


  1. As wonderful as your photographs are (and they are), it's the captions I love!

  2. Glad you remembered the big girl camera still take pictures. I bet Biscuit would like to throw a few snowballs.

  3. I’d happily look at a billion pictures of Muffin eating a stupid leaf...and I’d also happily look at a billion pictures of Biscuit grumbling about it. 😆
    Thanks for the new blog post. I love both the pictures and the captions. Now I’m off to do the new puzzle!

  4. Hmm; will I vacuum the house or work the puzzle? Decisions, decisions!

  5. Your house is clean enough. Go work the puzzle :-D.

  6. Too late; I've already rounded up the dust buffalo. Will save the puzzle for an evening treat!

  7. beautiful photos and the lighting is perfection!!

  8. Everything looks so pretty with a coating of snow. I agree that a "real" camera is the best for capturing all the great colors and details.

  9. I can't believe all the colors hiding under the white snow! Good catch! So glad you got the good camera out. Everybody looks great! Jared looks like a young stud!

  10. Lovely pictures - and you captured the light and colors so beautifully!

  11. Thanks for getting your camera out!

  12. I for one am thrilled to see the crew in cooler weather! Snow is just magical. Living in a village with Eskimos (yes they call themselves Eskimos so don't get all in a little fit over the use of this word) where it snows often and a lot from October until May often---the kids still all go wild with the 1st fall snows! I always laugh about this as just 3 to 4 mos ago it was just snowing!

    Fresh snow is always a treat!

  13. The snow adds such beautiful softness and light to your photos. It is so good to see everyone cool and happy.

  14. Your world is beautiful! Your blog posts fun!

  15. I’m so glad to see these photos. You went “dark” and I was afraid something was awry.


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