Friday, February 19, 2021

Snow Foolin'

The ice was not fun, and not really the 3" of sandy sleet on top of that and then a little more ice and then some snow, but the snow that came after that snow was pretty fun.  I love winter and I'm glad 20 wanted to go out and play yesterday afternoon.

"Let's see if the pond is frozen!"

I knew it wouldn't be, but I humored him and Pip.  We brought the sled as a fallback plan.  

Frankie and Lancelot were very interested in the sled and Frankie pushed 20 for a little while, but Lancelot thinks he has a better idea for sledding.  More to come on that!

As I suspected, the pond was not only not frozen enough to skate, but with all the recent rain, definitely not something you'd want to fall into right now.

Good thing we brought the sled!

"20!  You steered right into the thistle patch!  Here, let me show you."

"Yeah, how'd that work out for you?"

Sheep down!

 One last run.  

Sledding was as much fun as I remembered.  I'm glad we went out to play :-).

We sure startled some sheep as we headed back in for some dry clothes and hot cocoa.  Liddy was the only one even remotely interested in what we were up to.  I love the look on Petunia's face ;-D.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Every Day Is Valentine's Day

I took these the day of the ice storm, thinking they'd be perfect for a Valentine's Day post and then the weather just got worse and mostly what I've done for the last several days is prepare for further upcoming weather and take care of animals.  While not great pictures, they tell a cute story, so I decided to share them late...because every day should be Valentine's Day!

Possum's very best friend in the whole world is Salt.  I could take these same pictures every day and I need to do so with the big girl camera.  They would almost work as a Salt and Possum flip book :-).  My favorite is the very last one.   And for any poop or pee watchers (aka all animal people ;-), don't panic.  The brown on the ground is my spilled coffee.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

All Together Now

"Yum!  Icicles!"

"Dude, you better be careful.  You know what can happen!"

"I can't believe he's doing that."

"I tried to warn him."

"Spud, it's okay.  I'm just using..."

(All together now)   

" teefers!"  :-D

Monday, February 8, 2021

Sunday Snooze

Or actually, what is really going on here is they know I got a new saddle for (fat) Frankie and spent the entire weekend as far away from the barn as possible ;-D.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Pretty As Pictures

The sun made a brief show this morning, but we are looking at rain this afternoon.  Good thing we stocked up on sunshine yesterday!


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