Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Baa-loween!

This awesome shot was taken by neighbor Jennifer G. at the pumpkin carving party last week.

It's B. Willard. Remember his pumpkin from last year?

We had farm-wide tricks or treats this afternoon. Even Claire Bear made a rare appearance, drawn out by some kitty treats.

Probably only corgi owners will find this "temptations" picture funny ;-).

Normally Stella and I dress up some poor unsuspecting sheep for Halloween. This year we just couldn't get our great idea pulled together. That was okay. Hickory set himself up for needing a costume this year. He's dressed up as a sheep, in hopes maybe Hank will start to like him.

"Um, Hickory, if you don't quit chasing his sheep around, you're going to need more than a lamb's ear head band to help you out."

"Don't care. Give me the treats!"

I could only get two quick shots off before he started ravaging that poor unsuspecting sheep basket.

The cat treats were instantly tossed aside. As were the dog biscuits after he tasted them and the pretty red apple. Turns out he's a cookie monster.

"Hickory, I have a feeling that eating all the sheep's treats probably isn't helping your cause any."

I hope you are able to show a bit more restraint digging into your trick or treat loot ;-).

Happy Baa-loween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hug A Sheep Day

We had a small, but excellent group of sheep huggers this year. The sheep were darling, the kids (of all ages) were cute, we had some outstanding knitting and spinning, the weather cooperated off and on and everyone had an enjoyable afternoon.

Keebs...being Keebs ;-).

Paige's mom, getting everyone fired up early.

Deb W. always makes sure the 'less interested in hugging' sheep are not neglected.

Stella and 20 modeling their Jacob sheep hand knits.

B. Willard got bored halfway through and crawled out of the pen, walked himself into the barn and helped himself to an entire box of cookies. Luckily Aaron saw it happening and intervened. Willard...

Iris, doing her best sheep impression.

And Weaslie, just blatently begging.

Something that struck me as I watched Renny taking cookies from strangers... Do you think, in a million years, that one year ago she'd have even dreamed of being at a sheep party?

I have more pictures to post, but have to allow for one of my favorite holidays tomorrow ;-).

Sunday Stills - 25 And 50 Steps

Part 1. Choose a starting spot, walk 25 steps in any direction and take 3 photos. The 25 steps can be outside your home, inside your home, in your neighborhood or away from your neighborhood.
Once your steps have been counted out, you must anchor one foot, you can pivot on that foot but your anchor foot may not move.

Part 2. Choose a starting spot, walk 50 steps, repeat the instructions above. The 50 steps can be in a different direction, a different location or the same as the 25 steps.

Think about it before you start your counting. Be aware of your environment, look around & estimate your steps so you have an idea of what shots you might get. Try to measure your steps so that they are approximately the same size.

Photo enhancements are allowed. This is a no archives challenge and it not only gets you out and shooting but gives you the opportunity to compose a picture in what might be a difficult place. Be creative……shoot macro, landscape, go low or shoot high…..whatever gives you the chance to make a better picture. Have fun!

Hank followed me down the fence line. That's Renny (too) fuzzed out in the background.

Our footprints side by side.

Evidence of Hank's traveling that route before.

And the sun quickly melting the frosted grass.

This was a really fun challenge. I did mine backwards (no big surprise) and went 50 steps down the lane, planted my feet, then went 25 steps up the wet weather creek in our front field. I got completely different shots than what I thought I was going to get.

For more photographed steps...

I'll post Hug a Sheep Photos later this afternoon. Right now I'm headed out to ride Hickory :-).

Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's Hug A Sheep Day!

Come on out and Hug a Sheep :-). The weather is perfect!

Open house from 1:00 - 4:00 today.

Email if you need directions.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Still Smiling :-)

We have had two horrid weather days. Apparently this is Paige's fault. When she came out for Rolex a couple years ago, they had to send everyone home because of tornadoes. Way to go!

Rain or shine, this afternoon was our scheduled ride time, fit in between all sorts of fun activities. We took Hickory over to a friend's all weather arena. He was perfect.

And I even popped him over some tiny jumps.

And ended the ride with a smile. I am really looking forward to learning a lot from Hickory and having a good time doing it.

Thank you Paige for sharing your wonderful horse with me.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I've had a secret for a couple weeks. Well, not really a secret, but more of a 'don't want to say anything in case it is all too good to be true'. We've got a new horse!

His name is Hickory and we happened upon him while visiting Skoog Farm in New York. He's a 13 year old Quarter Horse gelding, not too big, kid old lady broke and here's the kicker - he's brown.

Huh? Why would that matter for anything?

I've been looking for a well trained, safe, fun, not too young, not too big, Quarter Horse gelding for about a year and a half. The night before we even heard anything about Hickory I had a dream that I got a brown horse.

Lori and I were sitting chatting in her awesome kitchen where all the food magic is done and she decided to call a friend of hers to see if she knew of any good horses for sale. I was only slightly interested, but as she wrote down all his perfectly matching specs and added "liver chestnut" (brown), the hair stood up on the back of my neck.

Hickory's mom and grandma drove all night to get here this morning so they could get him settled in and then get to a prospective equine student program at nearby Midway College. We are only 3 miles off this state highway, but I figured a tired driver not used to our winding one lane roads could use an escort for the last jag. It was appreciated.

Paige unloaded a no worse for the wear Hickory, hand walked him for a few minutes and we introduced him to Hank. Hank's not thrilled with horses because they tend to get too close to his sheep and T-Bone has chased a few. He immediately let Hickory know that he was not to be messed with.

It took a few minutes for the sheep to venture around the corner.

"Um, Mom? Someone put a horse in our barn."

"My name is Woolliam. We don't really like horses."

"My name is Marcel and I'm pretty scared of horses too, but wanted to say welcome to our farm."

"I'm just telling you horse. You stay away from my sheep."

After letting Hickory settle in for a couple hours and giving the rain a chance to let up, I turned him out in the front field. Just in case there was going to be any trouble with Hank, I asked him to wait on the other side of the fence. He did, but stayed right nearby just. in. case.

When all looked copacetic, I let Hank back in. He ran over, had a few words with Hickory and walked away.

"I can't do anything about you being in here, but I'm staying between you and my sheep."

Hickory ate for awhile and then romped around for awhile.

Gato, T-Bone and Handy joined in from the back field.

And Hank (and Lila) kept a close eye on 'all them stupid horses'.

I'm sure Hickory and I have our work cut out for us, but I think I got pretty lucky.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Keebler Cookies Or Keebler's Cookies?

The first box of party cookies arrived a couple days ago. Keebler says thanks, Sally :-). Actually Renny (who the cookies were really sent to) says thanks, but we can't let Keebler know about that. Not only is he a tad bit jealous of all the attention Renny gets, but he's also fully aware that His Name Is On The Box.

In the middle of the video shoot Monday, one of our neighbors and her daughter-in-law stopped by. Usually they are accompanied by two cute little girls who are quite. popular. around here. There's only one reason Keebler would ever walk run away from a camera lens. The chickens knew what to expect as well.

They were denied.

"Um, what about the cookies?"

"Did you get a cookie?"

"No, did you?"

"No. There were no cookies. I can't believe there were no cookies."

"Did they really not bring us any cookies?"

Weaslie gave up first, but the Shuck chicken remained hopeful.

And then just Keebler.

"I can't believe there were no cookies. Maybe they'll come back with the cookies. Yeah, maybe they just forgot to give them to us. Surely there are cookies..."

Poor Keebs. If he can just hang on for a couple more days.

This Saturday is the Hug A Sheep Day Farm Party! Come out from 1:00 to 4:00 and meet your favorite sheep(s) and Hank, Iris, Weaslie, Betsy and Comby. Eli and Claire Bear will be nowhere to be found and the Adventure Chickens prefer not to be hugged, but would be happy to eat your cookies/crackers/leftover spaghetti...

Once again we'll have some willing hugging recipients out front, but you aren't required to hug a sheep. You can hug some wool yarn or give 20 a big ole hug. He's really excited about his first Hug a Sheep Day :-). The forecast is looking okay - sunny, but cool enough you can wear wool. Can't beat that!

And for everyone hosting their own Hug A Sheep Day event, large or small, don't forget to add it to the list.

If you have any questions, need directions...drop me an email at thecrazysheeplady AT gmail DOT com.

See you Saturday!


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