Wednesday, April 22, 2020

A Tale Of Two More Beds

This may be hard to see, but I know what it is and it's a good and fun memory.  I'll try to explain it.  What looks like one leg and house slipper is actually both of my legs and feet smushed into a tiny space between where Early wants to sleep in front of the sink and the comfy, spacious cage where he could sleep. 

This is Early's spot.  This is not my spot.  If he decides he wants to lay down and take a nap while I am standing in his spot, he unapologetically wedges himself in there pushing me out of the way.  It is His Spot.  We have adult sheep that sleep in the same spots every night, but I've not seen a lamb do this.  It's very hard to wash dishes this way...but it's darling so I let him.

I don't have a picture for the second tale.  I wish I did, but it's too dark to try to take one.  Early is in good order and a good, quiet, happy lamb.  He could easily sleep in the kitchen at night by himself now, but I'm having fun camping out with him and the dogs, so I'm still there.  

My bed is just to the left of where he's sleeping in the above picture, my pillow where the blue towel is.  Because Early reliably sleeps in front of the sink, I haven't locked him in the dog crate at night. He curls up and sleeps there all night (we get up for a middle of the night baba still), but in the morning I turn my head to look for him and find his nose up on my pillow.

There is nothing better than waking up sharing a pillow with a sweet lambie :-).

I'm sorry most of Early's pictures and stories are being posted on my "quick" social media feeds (Instagram, Facebook and sometimes Twitter), but between taking care of him, the baby chicks, Lamb Camp and daily work here, I just can't seem to pull it all together right now.  Whew!

Here is a cute video of Early when he's not sleeping.  He's a very bouncy lamb and might be able to run faster than Maisie!  Must be the tails ;-).

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

A Tale Of Two Beds

Most of the sleeping pictures I've posted of Early on Instagram are of him sleeping on a cat bed in front of his crate and under the kitchen sink. 

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This is his preferred sleeping spot and it means I'm in the kitchen with him.

When I need to go do something in the rest of the house or make a quick run to the barn without him, he moves over to the dog bed next to the gate (top picture) and sleeps there until I come back. 

It's fun to watch how each lamb decides what they think is the right thing to do.  They are all different.  

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Lamb Camp - Kitchen Edition

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My name is Early.  I was born on Saturday.  I wasn't early.  I was actually late.  My mom had my brother almost four hours before she had me.  That's very unusual.  Of course by then no one was watching for me and my mom was pretty confused and it was pretty cold out and I nearly died.

I got cleaned up and tube fed some warm colostrum and held on a warm lap in the "warming oven" also known as "the old blue truck" with the sun shining in on me and I finally came around.  I have a warm wool jacket to wear, too.

Of course, between my strange birth and the time it took to get me revived, my real mom decided I was better off in the truck, so thecrazysheeplady brought me home and now I live in the kitchen with her.  I'm doing okay now she thinks, but I know everyone was pretty worried about me.

We still go to Lamb Camp farms during the day and I stay in the back of the car when she's busy.  I have lots of snuggly straw there and she comes out to check on me and give me babas and when there's a good break, I get to come to the barn and play with my cousins.

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Last night I got to go to our barn and play for awhile.  I met some of the big sheep and they seem pretty cool.  A sheep named Big Moose was really excited to play with me, but my mom said I was too little and I'd have to wait until I got bigger.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Lamb Camp

Lamb Camp is in full swing...and that's been good.  We know these hard times are coming when we live with old animals and it's what we have signed on for, to follow through to the end, but that doesn't really make it any easier, eh?  Thank you for so many kind words and good memories.  

So there's lambs!

I've been taking pictures with my big girl camera, but haven't had time to download them yet.  In the meantime I'm enjoying the convenience and quality of the camera on my new iPhone.  I've posted some pretty cute pictures on Instagram/FB and a couple fun videos.

I caught this little guy still trying to nurse off his momma's front legs this afternoon, but he's getting there.  Boys... ;-).

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A Good Dog

"You were a good dog, Hank.  You did a good job."

November 2008 - April 7, 2020

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Baby Chick Camp

Last Saturday we went to Mt. Healthy Hatcheries in Cincinnati, OH, to pick up some day old chicks.  As we are down to just those three crazy bantam hens, The Crowing Hen and her "sisters", we decided it was time to bring in some laying hens.  I've never raised baby chicks before.  It's been fun so far :-).  

They are currently living in an old sheep water trough in the wash room of the Wool House and that's working out well.  Next week the plan is to move them to a larger cattle tank inside the old coop in the barn.  It's all cleaned out and I bet it's excited to be back in use after sitting idle for quite a few years now.

Today they got to do a short visit to the great outdoors.  They were a bit wary at first, but they built up confidence quickly.  The bars are too wide to hold them in so we need to do a little pen modification, but they stayed together and were easier to catch to go back inside than I feared they might be.

No chickens were harmed by Comby, who I think was mostly just curious.  We would NEVER let Bad Betsy get this close to anything with feathers :-o.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Whatchu Doin' Lady?

I'm taking pictures of cute lambies like you!

And then I grab one for some snorgling :-).

Thanks for the pictures, Miss B!

A couple of cute lambs from the nursery pen at Final Frontier Farm, Paris, KY

Friday, April 3, 2020

I Hope Everyone Is Using Their Time Wisely

I know I am (I'm not :-/).  I took the biggest horse on the farm and shrank him down to Breyer Stablemate size and taught him to balance on a fence plank.  So there!

* * * * *

I have tons I want to post, the most important being our new baby chicks!  That was my plan this morning, but I got sidetracked by this funny picture of Lancelot.  If I'd gotten the chicks posted earlier in the week, I'd have said they were the "cutest" thing to post, but now Lamb Camp has started ...  :-D.  

I will do better!  I will try to do better.  Everybody hang in there.


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