Friday, October 31, 2014

2014 Hug A Sheep Day - Show And Tell

This year was all hold it up and look while wearing our short sleeves sipping ice cold cider show and tell.

Except for this crazy guy who happily suited up to showcase the gorgeous sweater his wife made him.  

And held up hers.  I'd say he's a keeper ;-).

Luxuriously soft.

And such lovely details.

This is hand spun and hand woven on a pin loom and then pieced together. A beautiful Soay sheep throw.

Lady 2014

This amazing shawl is from one of our sheep, Beanie Baby - his 2014 shearing.  The yarn was part of a Handspinners Natural Colored Yarn Basket class at Maryland Sheep and Wool...and won first place this spring!  

The finished shawl will be entered next year.  Karen is an amazing spinner and knitter.  And this is her own pattern, as well!

This sweater was spun and knit from Beanie's 2013 fleece.

Always Amazing Socks :-).

Beautiful warm, super soft cowls.

More socks, from Socks That Rock.

Handspun from one of Kathy's sheep.  Again, a 2014 shearing.  As in from just a few months ago (!).

And this shawl, too!

And we need an ID on this rug loom.  Any ideas?  Turkish?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

2014 Hug A Sheep Day - The Spinners

Well, almost all the spinners. Somehow the only picture I got of the Always Amazing Aaron has him eyeing his spindle with a confused look.  While I frequently look that way at my spinning, I'm pretty sure Aaron doesn't, so I "filed that circular" ;-).

And for a sneak peek at tomorrow's post...

Today's post is short because winter is arriving on the 6:00 train, so I'm scrambling around trying to get everyone ready aka "for goodness sake get that plastic and the cat condo put up on the porch and plug those heated beds in while you're at it lady!"

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2014 Hug A Sheep Day - Yes, There's More

"I'm ready for my close up!" - Murphy

Buddy is just so darn cute.  I'd love to know what he's telling Aaron.  Patient Petunia, waiting her turn.

Spud and Murphy thoroughly enjoyed their first party :-).

I ended up with only a couple pictures of Graham.  How did this happen?  He's usually the center of everyone's attention.  Usually.  There was lots of competition this year with Spud, Murphy and Baaxter in the pen.  

"I'm just going to stand over here in this corner all by myself with no ones to love me..."

"I'm getting ignored too, Graham.  Don't feel bad." - B. Willard

No you're not.  There was plenty of love and attention and cookies for everyone ;-). 

And a little too much attention paid to Weaslie, who without Iris to keep her occupied, ran in and out of the hugging pen at will, following anyone with cookies.  She'll be wearing a cookie muzzle next year as she indulged in way too many treats :-o.

Hershey and Baaxter

The titans of the flock, Count Chocula and Ewen McTeagle.  Those are some Big Boys!

And Hank hung out in the shade most of the day, carefully watching his sheep...even if it looked like he was asleep ;-).  

Spinning, knitting and weaving show and tell tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014 Hug A Sheep Day - Part Three

"Look at me.  Look down.  I'm over here."

"Hey!  I'm over here.  Can't you see me?!?"  

"Much better!"

Baaxter LOVED Hug A Sheep Day.  He worked first shift and then when the whistle blew for a shift change, he refused to go back to the barn.

He never let up, working straight through, late into the afternoon.  

And when we opened the gate to lead everyone across the driveway into the front field at the end of the afternoon, he ducked away and headed down to the kids playing bag toss. 

He obviously wasn't leaving, so they decided to play through.

And then one of his new friends bought a hug from him for a handful of clovers.  (He's pretty cheap ;-).

He made another detour when he spotted the treat table.  (He's very smart ;-).

So Auntie Reg made him work for (yet) another cookie.  (And quite clever ;-).

And then he went to check out the spinning wheels.  (Not a bit shy ;-).

And got to try on a warm wool scarf.  (And very handsome ;-).

He can't wait for the next party!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hug A Sheep Day - Part Two

The best way to get Maisie's attention?  Don't give her any ;-).

"Um, lady?  You're taking a picture of the wrong sheep.  I'm over here."

"Seriously.  Right here.  That's dumb ol' Woolliam, not me."

"Are you kidding me?  Hershey?"

"Yeah, it's all Baaxter this, Baaxter that, Hershey's so friendly, Chocula's so tall, Woolliam has cool hair, Blossom is so cute...."

"Well, I didn't want to be in here though!"

"Oh, there's Cheerios!"

"She gets those all to herself?"

"Hey, wait.  Those are mine!  Don't share with B. Willard and Ewen!"


"Much better."

"Hey mister.  I'm down here.  Me me meeeee!"

'Cause it's all about Maisie ;-).


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