Thursday, October 2, 2014

20's Ready

Unfortunately it looks like we're all going to be wearing rain gear tomorrow, but after tomorrow, the forecast is outstanding wool festival weather.  We can all wear our wool :-D.

We've got plenty of roving,  a few raw fleeces, lots of spindle kits, the latest Christmas card and all the previous years, Lamb Camp cards...  Unfortunately the new Equinox Farm and Lamb Camp calendars won't be there until Saturday :-/.   They look really good though (and Comby's sleeping again in the farm calendar ;-) and I'm excited about both of them!

Come out to the Kentucky Wool Festival and give 20 a hug this weekend.   He's getting in shape for National Hug a Sheep Day.  And, hey, so if you take a selfie with a farm animal, it's called a felfie.  If you take it with a it a shelfie?  :-D


Sandra said...

Wish it was closer, sounds like a lot of fun!

Unknown said...

haha, even 20 has a raincoat!! and WELLIES!!! Have fun, stay safe and dry.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Wish I was closer. I'd love to come. Love 20, how adorable.

Susan said...

Shelfie! Love it! Have a wonderful time at the fest - can't be there, but will be there in spirit. Someday.... :)

Lisa Smith said...

I love 20's rain attire! He seems so much larger to me when seated in the car! I wish I could come hug him as well. It's on my Bucket List of Life to come to Kentucky & hopefully attend a festival when you're there. Have a great weekend!

Warm wishes from Lisa in Oregon.
(P.S. ~ Love that Comby is in the 2015 calendar! My favorite month!)

Tombstone Livestock said...

20 is so ready to go have fun ....have a good time.

Terry said...

20, I want a hug!
Sara, I just opened my Handwoven magazine, and there you were! I'd know those chaps anywhere! What a cool project.


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