Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cat Sniffing Is Alive And...Well, Not So Grate Akshully

As always, Comby was happy to take a walk out back with me. Hank joined us when we got back to the front field.

"Hi Comby.  Did you have a nice walk?" 

"Yeah, there were some balloons up on the fence next to Stella's so we went up to see what they were.  What's new in the creek?"

"Don't know.  Just got down here."

Murphy and Woody close in to commence sniffing.  I have no idea why, but sheep LOVE to sniff cats.  

I've never seen them sniff a dog or a chicken.  Just. Cats.

"I know you're back there, Murphy. You better leave me alone!"

"Back off, Stupid Murphy!"


"Alright you two, break it up."

Murphy wouldn't leave him be.  A minute later he was climbing down into the creek to make another attempt, this time dragging sweet, innocent little Baaxter with him ;-).  I decided it was time to put everyone in separate corners.  Comby was happy to oblige.

*     *     *     *     *

You've probably noticed I've been trying to make some changes to the blog.  I have an old website that I can no longer get into to edit, so have not been able to make date changes for our Hug A Sheep Open Farm Day this year...  Rather than try to learn a new system and since I mostly get along with Blogger quite well, I'm trying to move everything over here.  At least for now.

I'm still working out the kinks, so if you notice something wonky or something that doesn't make sense, please let me know.  I'm also trying to update the farm shop to include the 2015 hang tight.  They're ready to ship out, but I'm not.  I need to double check postage and such. Monday!

I am aware that the Mostly Maisie Slide Show has the navigation bar images in it.  Grrr.  I can't figure out how to remove them without deleting them...which would then delete them from the top of the page.  I thought about starting a new slide show, but I'm afraid to mess up what's already there.  I love to see all those baby Maisie pictures slide by.  Sigh.

I'll hit it some more tomorrow :-).


Leslie said...

Great series of pics. I love a sociable cat. I see that Hank turned around in a hurry in the last one. Was he protecting Comby from Murphy or the other way around? Or just generally breaking up an unauthorized ruckus?

Tombstone Livestock said...

Great pics, guess when Colby has had enough he means it.

Terry said...

I had no idea sheep like cats. Or at least they like Colby.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I'm not 100% sure on who Hank was protecting. I think he got upset when Comby smacked Murphy, but hard to say for sure. May have just been general rowdiness. That's why I decided it was time to go somewhere else ;-). Better safe than sorry.

Jenny Glen said...

Our sheep are fascinated by the cats too.

Fiona said...

Blog changes make me crazy....I change my font and tweaked my blog. I like it for the most part but it now has a opens to the you a glimpse then drops down about a quarter of the page! Your blog is so nice and super to navigate! Ahh sheep and cats!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Poor Comby...he must smell great! I think Hank has an eye on the situation:)

Alice said...

Murphy is prob'ly going, "Sheesh! Touchy! Touchy!"
I love the change in Comby's tail from up and happy to down and mad. lol

Lisa Smith said...

Orange/ginger tabbies have such mellow, laid back personalities (generally!). To his credit, Comby did give Murphy a gentleman's warning first . . . .
Perhaps Murphy used Baaxter as his wingman to throw everyone off the track!
Have a lovely day, & thank you for the calendar update.

Warm regards, Lisa in Oregon ("Team Comby"!)

Henny Penny said...

What a dream farm you have. Oh my goodness! I love the pictures. Hank is just beautiful!

Unknown said...

Comby thinks he is a sheep.

LannieK said...

Murphy and the guys are jealous of Hank - they just don't understand the complex relationships between cats and dogs :-) (as if anyone does!?!) =^•^=

Unknown said...

That was laugh out loud funny. Must be the cat food on the other end that is so fascinating! That would be awful (for me anyway) if 'we' lost the Maisie slideshow. Cheers.

Michaele said...

I don't imagine the cat's claws did any damage whatsoever. Sheep are SO well padded! Thanks for mentioning your farm shop (since I never noticed it before). You are so busy! I will shoot you an email with my order. NO hurry!


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