Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Snow More

A Christmas tree?

In retrospect I have quite a few pictures of big Ewen and little Heidi together.  I think that's interesting.  Maybe not just a coincidence.  That's Woolliam in the foreground.  Normally I'd say Woolliam is a big sheep, but Ewen McTeagle makes him look "medium".

Graham in the foreground and Renny up to her eyeballs in hay in the background. 

The always photogenic Keebler.  I have a series of cute shots of him eating snow off the tree.  Actually, I have a bunch more nice snow pictures.  Want to see more?

The always adorable Blossom.  

Happy New Year!!!

Why, Yes

"...I am pretty stinkin' cute."

"How did I get to be this way?"

"Well, first you start all tucked up on the shelf with your peeps."

"Then, because the heat vent is right under there you start to get too warm so you hafta stretch out."

"That's so you can cool off for a bit."

"And then you just tuck one leg back up. Simple as that."

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Stills - Your Best Shot(s) Of 2012

2012.  What a year.  I started working my way backwards through the blog Saturday evening and almost quit.  And I again thought maybe I might just not only quit reviewing photos, but maybe the whole [darn] thing.  But I was reviewing the year sitting on the couch with a sweet baby lamb and her cat sleeping next to me and just this morning took one of my favorite pictures of two of my very best friends playing in the snow and while we've lost a lot this year, there's oh so much more to all of this...and I took a deep breath and scrolled on.

From yesterday's Snow Boys

I love the red and white dog and the red and white sheep.

I like the sharpness of this shot and the light reflection twinkling in her eye.

From Leaves For Leontien

Boy, a week later and the dreaminess of this picture is really startling.  And somewhat comforting.

From A Baker's Dozen

I like how it looks like Ewen is telling everyone a story :-).

From Holding Down The Porch

From Every Night

Good friends.

I wish this was a picture of me.  Cute lil Blossom.

From Springtime Sheep

Everyone was happy...and all still together here.  Ewenice is just outside the fence.

From Sunday Stills - Transitions

Nice texture.

From Snow Melt

From The Sheep Snow Shots Show


For more best of Sunday Stills...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snow Boys

Big (for here) snow last night!  Yippeeeeee :-D.

This might be one of my all time favorite pictures.  Ever.

Hank loves the snow as much as I do.

Saint Tim...not so much, but you just can't resist romping with a happy dog :-).

Weaslie would like to join in.

But from a safe distance ;-).

Friday, December 28, 2012

"I'll See Your Cot, Blossom..."

"And raise you a comfy couch with blankies, fireplace, tv, Christmas tree and no B. Willard knocking me out of the way all the times!" 

"Here I'm helping mom with some knitting."

"And watching some football."

"Here we're doing some important computer work."

"And here I'm helping mom take a nap."

Sorry about the iPhone shots.  With all this cruddy weather, poor Maisie's getting hosed on normal cute lambie picturesUnlike Blossom, she does not seem to mind if I play around on the phone or iPad though.  The funniest thing about the couch is that it only took her a couple of after Christmas naps to decide that's the best seat in the house.  She plays around for a few minutes and then runs over and stands by the couch waiting for me to come pick her up.  

Ooookaaaayyyy, twist my rubber arm ;-).

Monday, December 24, 2012

While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night

These three shepherds sit in front of our fireplace. 

Their faces so expressive.

The drummer is gettin' it!

And their sandals just crack me up.

Each has a tag with a short story.  This one for some reason is my favorite ;-).  His story is:

"This baby lamb I'm holding kept our Savior warm the night he was born.  When Mary wrapped the Babe in a blanket, Joseph was afraid he might get cold during the night.  Since they had no more blankets, Joseph picked up the newborn lamb and placed him in the crib next to Jesus. The Christ Child slept peacefully through the night warmed by the soft white fleece of the lamb.  Mary smiled at the sight of her Son.  She was filled with love and amazement at knowing that He was the Lamb of God sent down from heaven."

Sitting in front of the fire with a sweet warm little lamb snuggled up in my lap...

Merry Christmas

A Maisie Christmas

Someone can hardly wait to open her presents ;-). 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Not Impressed

"Well, I guess this is why you said I'd need my puffy coat."

"The only thing worse than having to go outside is having to walk in this stuff.  My feet are freezing!"

Running back to the house.  She's not much on going outside even on a good day.  When it's cold and she's had enough (about two minutes) she heads for whichever house is closest.  I haven't had the heart to explain the whole sheep living in the barn thing.


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