Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2012 North American - In 25 Photos Or Less

But not many less than 25. I could easily have posted more. Always so much to see at the North American International Livestock Exposition.  Here are some favorites from yesterday.

Red sheep with red dogs.

Sheep hanging out with their friends.

Sheep much cleaner than our sheep.  Heck, they're cleaner than my kitchen!  And yes, I see the spot on the front one...yeah, sadly still cleaner than the kitchen ;-).

Sheep with cute bushy eyebrows.

And standy-uppy ears.

Sheep on water skis.  Wait, excuse me???

Sheep taking naps snuggled up with a buddy.

Sheep getting haircuts.  Love the two kids toting a water bucket. 

Lots of haircuts.

Tiny sheep with pretty faces and detailed posters above them explaining all their different colors.  And I'm still not sure what color pattern you'd call this sheep ;-).

Sheep with lots to say. 

And curly long hair.

And I missed a bunch! 

We also stopped by the Wool Show for a few minutes.  The judge was very thorough and did a great job explaining what she was seeing, not seeing, liking, not liking, why she was placing one over the other...

Several years ago I went to the North American for the very first time. As I walked around looking at all the different types of wool in the show I kept being drawn back to the Cotswold fleeces.  I'd not seen anything like those lustrous curls before, thinking "wool is fluffy, end of story".  Turns out wool is short, long, thick, thin, soft, crunchy, curly, straight, and hundreds of different colors ;-).  And that's how we got started with Cotswolds :-). 


  1. OMG! How could I have never heard of this before?! I'm going to have to go next year! Love the pictures of the sheep. I bet I could learn a lot about sheep there. Wonder what kind that small, cute sheep was?

  2. It's still going on. Check the NAILE schedule. The wool show is over, but the fleeces may still be there.

    The little sheep is a Shetland. I'm sure someone will jump in with what her color/markings should be called ;-).

  3. Very interesting. You captured some great pictures!

  4. I tell you, I could just bury my face in those wonderful bags of fleece. I LOVE the smell of lanolin! What lovely sheepies! I love the standy-uppy ears.

  5. Fascinating! Thanks for the great photos. I felt like I had just been there. (would love to!)
    Adorable photo of the Shetland sheep, precious face. And ... all that luxurious wool. What an event!

  6. You better not talk about waterskiing with Graham... I have a feeling he'd be hitchhiking to the nearest large body of water to give it a shot.....


    I've worked at our local spinners' group sales. People always ask what's the best kind of wool.... I ask them "for what?" and go on to say "The wool that makes the best carpets doesn't make the best baby-soft sweaters.........


  7. Wonderful photos.. I feel like I was there. What a great way to spend the day.
    I miss the goat shows that we put on in our county. I miss my goats. Maybe some sheep would be a good idea.
    Beautiful animals...

  8. Such adorable faces!! liked the bababa - talking sheep!

  9. I love sheep in sweaters! I love how you compared them to your kitchen. Hee hee

  10. I love sheep in sweaters! I love how you compared them to your kitchen. Hee hee

  11. I forgot this week is NAILE! I've heard that you can watch the various breed shows streaming on the computer. Darn, would have liked to remember that sooner. Lucky you, living close enough to go in person. Have fun!

  12. Oh, I will have to go next year. I am too close to miss it! Love your photos.

  13. Oh the face on that sweet little Shetland. Absolutely adorable and the wool is just beautiful too. Wonder if I could fit one in my back yard???

    Thanks for all the pictures for those of us who just can't be there. I think you gave us the best parts.
    Chris S. in Canada

  14. Fabulous photos! I love that little Shetland. He looks a little uncertain, and I want to bring him home and feed him cookies and tell him everything's going to be alright. I think I've finally cracked.

  15. Yikes! That dude with the bushy eyebrows--check out those ears! He could fly!
    And the little lamb with all the straw around its's face? Is that little one related to Boudreaux? Looks a little like him what with the stuff in the fleece!

  16. What a great event..we were in Louisville last weekend too..too bad I missed it. Great photos ..loved the sheepy blankets:)

  17. Looks like you were in sheep heaven, why are some dressed like wooly bankrobbers?? LOL! :-)

  18. Hahaha.. i like Ed's comment. cool post too :)

  19. Wonderful post! Would love to see it some day :-)

  20. cute Hamp with bushy eyebrows, love the shetland too. I think the one with the straw all over her face is asking you to take it off her eyes so she can look pretty for the camera.

  21. that looks like a very fun and educational field trip! I need to take Malcolm to that one year!

  22. That tiny sheep's coloring is called christinewouldpaybigbucksforme goodthingshehadtoworkinsteadofgoingtotheshow.

  23. I love this set of photos!! Christine's sheep (little Shetland) is so sweet looking!
    I really like the sheep dog curled up on his bed in the photo entitled "Lots of Haircuts".

    I loved going to Black Sheep Gathering a few years ago and listening to the judge explain about the fleeces. I wish I lived in a place where I could attend such things more frequently.

    Thanks for sharing this great set of photos. I, like other blog afficionados, want to go next year!

  24. So many sheep to hug! I know. That's not what this was about.. but i can dream, can't i? :D

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