Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunny Sunday Sheeps

Henrietta, Elizabeth and Peabody

Betsy...keeping a watchful eye on Comby the jerk.  Still, after over a year, all the cats hate Betsy.  Minutes after I took this picture Comby attacked.  Again.  In Front Of Me.  No shame.  So we've started letting Betsy hang out in the house with us.  Until she does something very unladylike...and then we wonder if maybe that's why all the other cats hate her ;-).  Could be a long winter.

A good dog.

That's Annabelly in the foreground.  I spun some of her white to finish up the Jester sweater.  Hopefully this week.  I'm getting close.

Boudreaux...Boudreaux, Boudreaux, Boudreaux...

And a Sunday Stills - Take A Closer Look picture.  I tried to get it posted on SUNDAY...but, well, it's looking like a "day late" trend.  Sadly not a new one.  Sigh.


  1. I think you have as many sheep as I do, LOL. Great photos. After getting all my fleeces back from the mill someone gave me a raw Jacob fleece, just what I need one more fleece.

  2. Re Betsy and the other cats -- don't you just wonder what is going on in their little brains?

    Boudreaux is packing a little snack, just in case he finds himself peckish in a desert? :-)

    Too cold here for bees. Nice to see that gal with her bulging pollen basket!

  3. Who didn't see that coming? (Betsy hanging out in the house.) ha ha. I hope she doesn't act too unladylike and ruin her good deal.

    Beautiful sheep, beautiful pictures.

  4. I think Betsy is an indoor cat and the others are just envious.

    Love Tammy's comment. ;-)

  5. (Laughing at Boudreaux) I think Betsy would be a fine indoor cat. Too much competition with the boys outside. Funny thing, I have two male cats who love to be outside; slayers of mice extraordinaire, those two are- and two female cats who have absolutely no desire to cross the threshold to the great outdoors.

  6. What's it like to have sunshine? Nice macro shot!

  7. bj from LaCollineNovember 05, 2012

    (...more laughter because of Boudreaux ~ an entertaining fellow!) Our Katrina Marie could have been Ms. Betsy's long-lost relative, and no other feline through her long years ever liked her either. She was also the only cat who made me sneeze, but she was a sweet companion for 16 years and I told her she was beautiful every day.

    Betsy will be a fine indoor cat and has been waiting patiently for you to catch up. She may be telling the guys that has been her plan all along.(ha!)

  8. Betsy is like my house cat...Monkey-Moo she stays in with me ALL THE TIME...and very good with the litter box, too, I might add.

    Now Sammy, he loves to be outside and only comes in the sleep once in awhile when he gets too cold.


  9. Good good good Dog!
    And...I want a Peabody. Someday needs to come sooner for me.

  10. I just KNEW it was Boudreaux before I saw you say it!
    Love Hank in the background.

  11. Beautiful photos. Betsy is a sweetheart! I can tell from the back. LOL. I hope she behaves so she can stay inside with you. :)

  12. I DO hope Betsy behaves herself in her castle. It is so hard being royalty nowadays.
    Love the picture of Boudreaux with snack packs on his haunches. He's ready for any weather that might cause a food shortage ;-)
    The macro is great.... I can't believe that you have a flower with brilliant color left. Lucky you!....lucky bees!!!

  13. I always love seeing your sheep. Really don't see them here in central KY.

  14. I was wondering when Betsy would be moving to the house. :)

  15. Love everyone of your sheep!! And ... your macro photo is stunning! What a treat!

  16. Oh Boudreaux... look at you. I had a child like that. He grew up to be quite a proper young man, but he (and his bedroom) were like Boudreaux. Some beings carry the world with them. LOL!

  17. Excellent shots, especially the last one..:-)))


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