Friday, November 9, 2012

The Early Risers

For Valentina

It's not really this dark.  Just a pretty light shift.

But is was very frosty. 

These are the early risers.  Keebs, Graham, Renny, Mia and  B. Willard.  Sherman, Marcel and Blizzard should be here.  Miss Ewenice frequently joined them as well.  Hank sits up on the hill, splitting the difference between his goofy sheep...and his other goofy sheep...that just don't get up at the crack of dawn. 

Lila and Blossom venture down side by side.  They are usually out really early.  Graham was about 10 minutes late this morning too.  And now that I think about it, B. Willard had hay and wool and feathers stuck all over a lampshade.  Was there a late night party in the barn last night? 

Sheep are so well insulated that frost will settle on their backs at night.  Hopefully you can see all the little sparkles.  As the sun rises it quickly melts and if it's cold enough, they'll steam.

Hank in a ray of sunshine.  Perfect.

Renny.  There's a lot of wool there...but maybe not that much wool ;-).

With the sun rise to my back.  Love, love, love early morning and late afternoon light.

"I love, love, love frosty grass!"  Keebs

Eventually the other sheep stumble out, but they don't move fast.

And Petunia loses patience with them and heads out.

And I head in to wrap my frosty hands around a hot cup of coffee. 


  1. And I Love Love Love watching all your sheep rise this morning. What a wonderful post.

  2. Looks sooo cold, but beautiful pictures.

  3. So grateful that you share your life with us. Thank you.

  4. I wonder if frosty grass is like kids enjoying frozen grapes?! That extra crunch must be appealing.
    Loved the 'fat' sheep - they are so cute!

  5. Renny is so nice a 'fluffy'! Like my two...I love early mornings, too. Especially after a cold night with the sun coming up.

  6. Fluffy, ya, that's the word to describe them. hehehehe

  7. Every time you post a bigger and sheepier picture of Renny, I marvel...

  8. I'm with you Sara...those two times have the best light. Looks very peaceful down there. Our mornings have looked pretty similar, but we expect a warm up starting tomorrow.

  9. Wow! Renny is fluffy!

    What a great sheep she has turned out to be.

  10. Holy cow, Renny, you are......lovely! Yes, that's it, lovely.

  11. I am just so happy that you rescued Renny!
    I love her shape. Nothing says healthy to me like a nice round sheep.

  12. *sigh* Yes. Oh yes. I miss that.

  13. What a lovely post for Valentina ( and all of us). Nothing like a sunny frosty morning to bring hope for a better day and a moments relief from unbearable sadness.

  14. Hank IS a ray of sunshine. I love watching fleece steam in the sun...but wouldn't it be wonderful if it was being steam cleaned at the same time?

    Renny is preparing for a cold winter. Very important to carry a little extra er, um, fleece.

  15. Interesting the different texture on Renny and Keebler. Love that pic of Keebs.
    Such a peaceful albeit cold morning.

  16. Love, love ,love your blog. Thank you for sharing your passion.
    Please tell me you have 2013 calendars and wool wreaths left over from the festival for sale. Any possibility of the etsy shop being full of merchandise for sale?

  17. There's something magical about that golden light.

  18. What a beautiful, sparkly post!

    I've come to realize that sheep has such beautiful, angel faces!

    Thanks for sharing this!


    The Goat (Sheep?!) Borrower

  19. thank you so much! My Filippa has gone very quietly in the morning. She was a very sweet sheep with us and with her babies, we will miss her. The pictures of your sheep are wonderful and you can catch the very particular of the moment! Thank you again

  20. I never can have enough of your blog and your wonderful animals. You love them so much, and the love shines through in every photo. :)

  21. What a pretty post. Love the frosty morning (OK, I don't like the cold part but can appreciate the pretty). You caught Hank's "inner dog" with that light beam. HE's a gem. Love it all. Thanks.

  22. Oh Renny... whatever your wool thickness, I still want to cuddle you. :)

  23. So loved seeing the Keebs, thats a great shot of him. And Remy, wow has she ever blossomed out!! Beautiful picturs.:)

  24. Lovely photos!! Guess you need this frost and cold mornings and days for the sheep to grow their wool!

  25. Perfect shot of his expression..and Renny is almost round..please don't tell her though:)


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