Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gray On Gray

So I finally finished a big custom spinning order.  I'm never going to get caught up...but I guess I'll never be bored either.  Anyway, I washed the 1100 yards of Border Leicester (one of B. Willard's cousins) lamb fleece yarn and hung it to dry on the Wool House porch.  I'd saved a handful of raw wool and and handful of roving to send along with the yarn and set it next to the yarn to take a picture.

Let me back track a few days.  If you look closely, you can see a small scar on Eli's head, just above his right eye.  That's just one of several holes in his head.  That abscessed out in an oh so lovely way last week and I hauled him to the vet.

"Well, looks like he picked a fight with the wrong cat."

"Oh, no sir, Eli isn't a fighter.  He doesn't fight with anyone."

Right.  He came home and promptly picked several fights right in front of me.  One with a stray cat who showed up on the porch one night (most likely how he got injured) and jumped Betsy a couple times. 

He's been a big pain in the butt to take care of - think oral antibiotics and wound care.  Finally we've reached the end.  I guess he's figured that out and has decided to make up for lost time, having missed out on much attention while trying to avoid being caught for the last seven days.  I couldn't shake him all afternoon.

You can sort of see the fleece, roving and yarn here.

A gray on gray photo bomb.

"So Eli, why don't you show everyone your shaved off, Frankenstein head."

"Stick it, lady." 

Yeah, that's more like it.


  1. He's "helping" the fleece dry. Sort of trying to make up for being a pain in the...
    Great colors too! And lots of yarn!

  2. Hmmmm, seems like everbody is sporting the "shaved off, Frankenstein head" look these days.

  3. Ah, come on. The photos are ever so much more interesting with something alive in them! ;-) (Gorgeous, gorgeous yarn!)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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  5. He's trying to start a trend.

  6. Ha ha I love it. I have a gray dog and a gray alpaca. I'd get a gray cat, but them I'm sure we'd be spending more time at the vet. I don't know how the dog would feel about the cat.

    I love the gray on gray and I love the last picture. Too funny.

  7. That's a lot of spun wool, love that you kept raw and roving to add to the picture, but I want to know how you got Eli to pose for picture, last one says it all, typical attitude of a cat.

  8. stick it lady....ha that gave me quite the belly laugh...you are funny
    and yes I have had my share of cat wounds to tend
    and my feral one...is always comign home with torn this or that...I give him chicken warn and juicy....works like a charm
    bless your week

  9. 1100 yards! Wow! I am Queen of the weeny little skeins, so I salute you. And they are beautiful to boot. Love that blue-grey color.

  10. Shades of grey are lovely at your place. Sometimes cats can be a pain in the butt..hope he recovers okay:)

  11. Wow!!! That's about 3/4 of a mile of yarn!!! It looks so wonderfully spun and soft.
    Eli would like a little credit for arranging spinning breaks for you by taking him to the vet, and he'll bop anyone who thinks otherwise. Perhaps some of the roving could be used for a temporary toupe for Eli.

  12. Hmmm......

    There's a Something Shades of Gray joke in here, somewhere...........


  13. Typical cat - always with an attitude!
    Lovely gray color yarn. So you got all that yarn from one fleece? And it's the natural color of the sheep? When you knit or work with this - do you feel the oils/lanalin from the yarn?
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  14. Gorgeous yarn, roving and fleece. I have never tried that breed before. The colour looks a grey blue like slate....lovely. That would make a pretty cardigan :-)

  15. Lovely photos and lovely yarn!

  16. Beautiful! I can't get enough gray, it's my favorite color. I just got a box of my own Jacob yarn back from OVNF yesterday (I can't spin!) and was a little disappointed that it's more brown than gray this year, but nonetheless lovely. I've long considered adding Gotlands to my flock so I can be sure to have some reliable gray fiber every year.


  17. He cracks me up! Love your narration, too.

    I don't know what it is about wool and fleece and roving and yarn...but it makes me feel SO happy! Your yarn is stunning.

  18. That's an excellent spinning job! Anyone would be thrilled to get that. The gray is lovely on its own, or one could dye it for stunning results. Poor Eli. An owie and a bad haircut. Hope he heals up quickly and stays out of trouble.

  19. Hilarious! And Eli's Gray looks just as wonderful as your Yarn Hues. A perfect Gray on Gray Photo Op that is picture postcard Lovely.

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  20. *goes to get shaver* because I want to sport the Frankenstein look too!! LOL


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