Thursday, February 18, 2010

Night Lights

The other night I experimented with long exposure to try to capture the shadows cast by one of the solar lights onto the snow outside the wool house. I had so much fun I decided to try to get some barn shots last night.

I left the shutter open around three seconds on this picture. If you click to biggify, guess who you'll see watching me?

Yep, the sentinel.

This shot was exposed for five seconds. I tried some shorter and some longer. This is the one I liked the best and looks the most accurate. Solar lights are such a nice accent.

Our front door. I'm so glad I hadn't taken our lights down yet. So pretty with the snow.

I didn't even notice the tracks around the orchard tree until I saw the pictures. Isn't snow just the best :-).

Hank and I frequently sit out here and watch the sheep for awhile after the night feeding is done. Even in the winter. I have a great set of coveralls and I don't mind sitting out in the snow one bit. I love to listen to the sheep rustle around finishing up their hay and I think Hank enjoys the company. After the last sheep heads inside, we get up and walk to the barn.

"Everybody take care of each other."


Camp said...

Definitely biggify so you can see all the neat details. One neat the light peaking through the boards of the barn. These are great! I had no idea you were still celebrating Christmas in KY! :-D

Claire MW said...

Gorgeous photos, especially with the sheep in the barn light. I'm impressed that you say it's a solar light. Very bright! I need to look for one of those!

Lori Skoog said...

These photos are fantastic...I especially love the first one. I don't even know how to control the shutter to read that book that came with my camera. Your property is so out of the movies...and you and your husband really appreciate the beauty of it all.

Alice said...

The first photo looks as though it is from a live Nativity scene, especially with the lighting from above. Your photos certainly do show off the visual beauty of snow although I am getting weary of shoveling it. Thanks for reminding us what a peaceful blessing it can be.

Ed said...

Well done! Experimenting is fun, is'nt it? :-)))

DayPhoto said...

Great shots! I love all of them, but the top one and the bottom one are my favorites. The light spilling onto the sheep is great. Hank the ever watchful is wonderful.

Make cards of them, and frame them, they are that good.


Denise said...

lovely photographs.... I have some solar lights just like that!

Anonymous said...

You took me back to listening to the cattle feed. It is very comforting and peacefull. And snow is so quiet. Thank you for the memories.


Christine said...

I LOVE these shots! Awesome.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

did you see this link at Claire's blog?


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