Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Postcard From The Farm

Remember those great Postcards From Nebraska on CBS Sunday Morning? I just googled that and it looks like RFD-TV has bought the rights and is showing them again! Now I just have to remember to watch.

Here's a postcard from the farm - similar to those great pieces, but without the excellent cinematography, narration... ;-)

I'm standing next to the wet weather creek, which you can hear if you turn your sound up. You'll see Keebler walking across the top, heading over to the now boarded up chicken coop. Boarded up because he and Graham Lamb figured out there was chicken feed in there and it apparently must be like sheep cocaine or something. Boys. That's Jester eating in the foreground and Crazy Esther in the background. And of course Hank. Always on duty.

I always shrink the video format size down so it "lines up with my text". This makes the video a bit small though. If you'd like to see it in regular youtube size, here is a link.


Unknown said...

It was just like I was right there. I wanted to say "Hi, Crazy Esther." :)

Christine said...

Uh, that was me. Kid forgot to log out.

Camp said...

more like those at the end of CBS Sunday morning now..lets you see the beautiful scenery, no talking..just the sounds of nature. love it!

p.s. Boudereaux you are not the biggest loser...GEESH! can we say plus size? don't worry... misery loves company bud. you joined my club! hahaha

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oops, you are right. I thought *they* were called the postcards, but couldn't really remember talking... that's why I googled it...and still got it wrong. Sigh.

Alice said...

I watched the video several times to see how many I could recognize. Is that Woolliam next to Jester? The sheep family certainly does look peaceful. I will bet that the cold weather makes for a healthy appetite. Thanks for sharing with us :-)

Jan baby said...

The wool house looks two-toned. City Boy taught me to look around too, not just the subject matter. Loved it!


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