Thursday, February 4, 2010

Big Bird

We have a resident Great Blue Heron. Well, actually he flies in in the morning, works all day and then flies home at night. He's one of my favorite farm features. The farm ponds around here are all still pretty much frozen though, so the pickings have probably been pretty slim lately. This morning I caught "our bird" working the wet weather creek in the front field.

This is the second day I've seen him. The first day he didn't seen too bothered by my spying - very unusual as they are very flighty - so I decided to go grab my camera. Just as I put it to my eye...


Man, I was really sneaky.

I can't believe I was what spooked him.

Bingo - deputy Hank. Always on duty.

Here is a little green grass fix from the other day. There are no fish here and the frogs are all hibernating. Would the heron be looking for creek mice?

By the way, the snow in this picture is all gone now and has been replaced with - you guessed it - mud...again.

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.

Added: no, the horses are not out of water. That's the emergency tank if the automatic waterers go down. Mostly the tank is used by T-Bone as a dinner bell. "Come and bring it!"


Gayle said...

Funny how your creek looks like a beautiful spring day to me...and if the snow was gone I would think summer!

Christine said...

I love the blue heron. My parents have a pond in their back yard. One visits them all the time. I'll never forget the first time we were sitting there and one flew by just a few feet outside the windows. My son said "Did you see that? It was a pterodactyl!"

cyndy said...

Beautiful Heron!

Maybe he was hunting vole?

I once saw one hunting chipmunk--and he was successful!

Thanks for the spot of green ;-)

DayPhoto said...

Ahh, Green grass, I am jealous. I love your blue heron, you paint him/her into your cards.


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I received the lovely cards, they're too precious to use. Read about it on my blog.

Ed said...

Herons are a challenge to shoot, we have them nesting in Tennessee in the spring. Hank should have waited a couple of secs..:-))

Kathy said...

We have herons here as well, working our creek for crayfish and small frogs/fish in the spring through fall.
You are welcome to some of our snow...we have about 3 ft. left after the 54" on top of the previous 24"....I am ready for spring although I know darned well it won't come here until June. :(

thecrazysheeplady said...
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thecrazysheeplady said...
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Alice said...

the wing span of the Blue Heron is awesome! I wonder how he stays warm!


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