Monday, February 22, 2010

Bee Party

On a warm enough winter day (around 50 degrees), especially if it's sunny, bees will make a break for it. They come out of the hive to go to the bathroom, do some house cleaning and look for something to eat.

Yesterday was such a day, so we put out some sugar syrup and sat back and watched the party.

Stella's tiny hive is alive and well (due to her dedicated care) and mine appear to be in good shape as well.

It's just amazing how fast they can find a sweet treat.

I like the reflection in the syrup. I also like these wood feeders much better than the plastic holders.

I wish I'd thought to carry my tripod. I apologize for the shaky video, but in case you'd like to pull up a lawn chair...


colleen said...

Very cool. My DH is actually going to take a beginner Bee keeping course next month. Should prove interesting.

Alice said...

Fascinating photos and video! How thoughtful of you to think of them yesterday! Where are they actually drinking from? Is there a tray underneath the jar? You are a good steward of bees, Sara :-)

lisa said...

We are getting ready to start doing bees this spring, we have the nucs ordered and boxes. Still have things to get but we are well on our way to raising them. I hope we do good. The hubby has really been reading and learning everything he can on them. What is the purpose of the jar?

thecrazysheeplady said...

The jar holds the sugar syrup. There is a perforated lid that fits, upside down, into the hole in the holder. The bees walk under the dripping syrup.

There are other types of feeders. These are just the ones I like the best. Pros and cons to all of them ;-).

DayPhoto said...

I enjoy this post. I love your video and hearing the buzz of all those happy bees. Made my day, that it did.


Anonymous said...

I love bees!


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