Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Animal Matter

Rebecca Boone knows she has cool hair. And she ain't afraid to accessorize!

Um, you know, most fiber folks only need to worry about vegetable matter.

"I know I'm the most bee-u-tee-ful sheep in the whole world...just the way I am."

She knows because I tell her so almost every day. Petunia still loves to have her chubby woolly cheeks scritched and if you tell her how beautiful she is (Saint Tim thinks she looks like a buffalo and I don't want her to have a complex ;-) while doing so, her eyes get all dreamy and close and she just smiles and smiles...and then burbs in your face.

Major wipeout during men's snowboard cross yesterday. Here, not in Vancouver. I don't really know what happened, but had nightmares about it all night. I spent several hours trying to cypher out how to fix it (stupid yarn overs) and couldn't and finally bit the bullet and frogged the cowl back to nearly the start.

Getting back on the board and continuing down the hill.


DayPhoto said...

The feather is just the perfect touch!


Anonymous said...

Rebecca Boone does have cool hair. I think mine looks just like that at the end of some days around here. Complete with a few feathers!
Petunia is beautiful. I would rub her chubby cheeks everyday too.
Have a great day.

melanie said...

Alas, wish we could close the miles via the Internet - I am knitting the same cowl, but am on my second one. Could have saved you a lot of frogging! :-(

Louise said...

I just love Rebecca Boone's hair. So stylish.

Anonymous said...

RB looks so cute with the feather, and Petunia is beautiful. :)

Alice said...

RB is one high stylin' sheep. I wonder who her stylist is! And Petunia is right, she needs no accessories because she has the best smile that melts the heart that sees it.

I am glad you have recovered from the wipeout. It's not how many times you go down, but what you do when you get up! The gold is within a knitting needles reach!

I need orange said...

LOVE the pic of Rebecca! :-) Her bangs, and then that feather.....


I frogged yesterday, too. All the way back to the beginning. Sigh.

But I made a good start at catching back up.

Shelley said...

She's just stylin' and profilin'! How funny!!! I love those little faces.

Unknown said...

I really need to learn how to spin and knit so I can leave more comments! But I do love the sheep pics! Is Petunia a cross or a cots? I was wondering as she has some scurs:)

Tammy said...

Love Rebecca Boone's fashion statement. The look suits her and how she has placed it 'just so' really accentuates her lovely locks. Before you know it, she'll have started a fashion trend!

Anonymous said...

Love the hues in Petunia's fleece and Rebecca Boone's feather is perfect!

Good luck with the knitting - I have no idea what frogging means, but it doesn't sound good :)

Denise said...

Wow feathers and dread locks that is a really cool :-) chick! I love your sheepies

Laney said...

'Becca sure is hip!


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