Monday, February 1, 2010

Can't You See I'm BUSY?

Nice face there, Iris. (as always, click to biggify to see her full set of snarlers)

Hank: Come on, let's play chase!

Iris: No.

Hank: Oh, come on! See? Even Weaslie wants to play.

Iris: NO. Can't you see I'm busy?!?

Iris: Um, Hank, border patrol is NOT a game.

Hank: Whew, those border patrolers are fast!

Hank: Almost caught 'em.

Hank: Wheeee, back the other way...

Later in the evening, as the sun sets, border patrol takes on a different form.

Hank: Hey, put that camera away. Can't you see I'm busy?!?


DayPhoto said...

You made me laugh out-loud! Boy did you catch them in the perfect act of play!


flowerweaver said...

I've never seen Iris so snarly!

Jenny Glen said...

Oh boy, does Hank look like a big scary boy at night when he's on duty!

Christine said...

The look on Iris' face cracks me up. She's snarling but smiling at the same time.

Do you find Hank to be more playful when it's colder? Willa is. She and the sheep all seem to like it better when it's cold.

gtyyup said...

Hank's just doin' his job! He really is handsome~~

Camp said...

Oh and Hank are just what the best scripts on television are made of (like Castle, or the old Moonlighting)...pure really have a thing for each other but just cant let the audience see it ;-))

Keep up the good work Sheriff Iris..and you too Deputy Hank ;-)

lisa said...

Hank and Iris are the characters! So funny!

Alice said...

I've never seen a smiley snarl before. She could pose for a doggy Pepsodent commercial.
In the last photo I think Hank wants to know if you got his best side. He's full of spunk today!

Callie Brady said...

She looks like she is smiling instead of growling. Morgan has a great time in the snow too. Great photos!

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

I love Hank, he is my hero!

Peacecat said...

hahahahahahaha!!! Iris's face is hysterical. OMG. What a great way to start my day. Thanks!


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