Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Whereas Betsy Gets Herself Into A Bit Of A Situation

"Hey! You cat! What are you doing out here?"

Hmmm - who said that? Hard to say, ain't it.

"Yeah! You shouldn't be out here!"

Hmmm - who said that?!? And who's in the background?

"Go on, git!"

Well, I see some gray spots on the nose, so that's got to be Woolliam.

"Petunia, you'll protect me, won't you?


"And stay out!"

Well, that sheep is already dirty, so that's gotta be Buddy, the kindest, but dirtiest sheep in the world.

"They just think they can boss me around. I'm the Queen a' this farm."

A bizarre side note - since the curly sheep have all been buzzed bald headed into obscurity, two interesting changes have taken place:

Keebler is apparently a sheep now. We have caught him acting "normal" on several occasions lately.

Woolliam, who has always been a bit arrogant and "above" the other sheep, has taken to standing up on the door jam to stick his nose through the stall bars and beg for cookies like a "commoner".

We have no answers...


Lori Skoog said...

Your cat is just a wannabe sheep.

Michelle said...

You know, it sounds like you sent all the wool-kids to a school that requires uniforms! I've heard it cuts down on a lot of behavior issues by putting everyone on a level playing field so to speak; no one stands out as having the cool clothes or the expensive wardrobe.

Dreaming said...

I am laughing at Michelle's comment... I think she's right!
We had to have our golden retriever shaved one time because of a skin condition. We swear that she was embarrassed to be 'nude' in front of all of her friends. Maybe the sheep feel the same way!
Poor Betsy... they appear to be a bunch of turn'coats'!!

Terry and Linda said...

That cat!!! She does look rather disgusted about being chased out!



Christine said...

LOL, she totally looks put out in that last photo.

Love Michelle's comment. I think she's right, too.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I think there's something to that.

Tim thinks it was like a gang tattoo or something. Maybe it was hard to live up to the dreadlocks :-D.

Ed said...

LOL! Just like going into the army, you buzz all the hair and vanity goes right out of the window..:-)

Anonymous said...

I am laughing at Michelle's comment too. Makes perfect sense to me! Our cats have to RUN through the sheep pastures :)

Shirley said...

Oh please, a Keebler pic! Betsy has that perfect disgruntled cat look.

Kim said...

That cat's look is too funny.
I always love looking at your sheep photos. We're finally getting some Jacobs of our own. Can't wait!

Alice said...

Maybe they thought Betsy was kind of pesty.


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