Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lessons From A Guard Dog

This picture is quite similar to one taken last fall in almost the same spot. It's not a coincidence. This is an easy scene to capture. I walk out, sit down on the arena hill, Hank comes over and sits next to me, always keeping an eye on his sheep.

I always feel honored. Just as I'd feel honored to sit next to any of the brave men and women who work to keep our country safe. Every day.

Both so willing to lend a helping hand...or paw. So that we can safely walk out and sit with our sheep in the evening.

"Hey, just doin' my job, ma'am. Now don't feel sad. How do I look upside down?"

"You look silly."

"Good :-)"

"Wait a minute. Something's up over the hill."

"Be right back."

Some Most of the original adult flock have still not accepted Hank as a friend. He comes near them and they run away like scared...sheep. However, I've seen many occasions when they are way out in a field and Hank is between them and the barn and he'll hear or see something and sound an alarm.

It's a different bark. Even I can tell the difference. The sheep listen too and will race towards him to get to the safety of the barn. I'm not sure if this is their idea or his. Does he tell them to get to the barn or just that there is danger and they go where they think they should? Surely they must feel safer knowing he's there.

And he does have several friends out there now - Keebler, Graham, Renny, Marcel, Mia, Sherman, B. Willard.

And the respect of the rest. Sheep of all colors, backgrounds, education, beliefs.

Hank was a necessary addition after our own farm's minute 9-11. We are blessed to have him and every day he hears that he is a good dog. That he's doing a good job.

To all the firefighters, policemen and women, armed forces, everyday folks who were caught in the firestorm and helped where they could, the children growing up without a parent, parents without their child, spouses missing their partner and carrying on the best they can... You are doing a good job. Every day.


Lori Skoog said...

Love Hank! Appreciation goes out to him and all those mentioned at the end of your post. Helping others is just the right thing to do.

Michelle said...

I've spent the day alone with my knitting and spinning, listening to public radio or network news talking about 9-11. Your post put a catch in my throat....

Michelle said...

Sending some love to Hank. What a dedicated lad he is.

flowerweaver said...

Great post, we all love Hank!

ME said...

Thank you for expressing the thanks we all feel so well.

farmlady said...

This is what I have been waiting for. A 9/11 blog post that wasn't, in some way, "celebrating" and eulogizing the tragedy with sad songs and death but giving us an metaphor with thought and care.
Thank you.
Your Hank is a guardian. He is doing what he is suppose to do and he only needs a soft pat on the head to hear your thanks... to feel your love.
I just think we over do the rememberances. But, I guess "over doing" is better than nothing. Is there no middle ground?
Like we would forget 9/11... that would be a little difficult to do.
I know that it's for the loved ones and it does have special moments, like Biden's speech at the sight of the Pennsylvania Momorial. That was really touching.
Thank you for being an intelligent voice for an over the top day.

Sally said...

Hank is a great symbol of all dedicated animals and people happily doing their jobs. Thanks to them all!

Lovely spot you have to enjoy your time with Hank and your sheep. Thanks for sharing.

Alice said...

A touching tribute to all who serve others in their own way and with their own unique talents. Thank you for using yours to make a thoughtful contribution to this very memorable day.
{{{hugs}}} to Hank

Shirley said...

Hank need a sign for his bed: Department of Home And Security.

linnea said...

Great post, Sara. It was perfect. And I was just thinking about Hank and wondering when he'd be on the Patch again :)

Christine said...

Like! Thank you for your service, Hank. You're a good boy.

janna e said...

Well said!

amyfibre said...

Beautifully said! Thank you...and my gratitude to Hank and all the other Hanks of the world.

CathyD. said...

Great post. Perfect spot to remember and contemplate. Good dog.
Hugs to Hank.

Dreaming said...

Nice, commemorative post!
I love Hank and his 'silliness' - how cool that he has a job and does it well!
I'd love to have a Hank... but then, I guess, I'd need to get some sheep!

Linda said...

Great Post!


Sheepmom said...

What Farmlady said.

Love Hank's paw on your ankle. Holly does that. Kind of a "Well, here we are." gesture. Sweet and sincere the way dogs are.

Nancy K. said...

What a beautiful post.


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