Thursday, September 22, 2011

Testing My Luck

I am not loving the new slide show feature Blogger has implemented. Normally I'd post this picture and assume we'd be able to click and possibly even double click it to enlarge it enough to see five four leaf clovers. We'll see, but I'm guessing it's going to be smaller and in the LightBox. Maybe not because it's only one picture, not multiples. Let's test it.

That fifth clover is hard to spot. It's on the left, near the top. Can you find it?


Michelle said...

Still works. (-:

Terry said...

It enlarged just fine for me.

Nancy K. said...

What are you doing ~ PLANTING four leafed clovers????


Ed said...

Works for me, now find some 5 leaf clovers..;-)

thecrazysheeplady said...

It's back :-D The old pictures are back :-D. Yay!!!!

Here's a little secret. When you find one four leav clover, look around. There are usually more in the same area.

Give me a minute, Ed, and I'll be right back with one ;-). Haha.

And no, we haven't planted them. That's just seed from a standard pasture mix, Yep, even in the yard. The bees love it.

Alice said...

looks like luck passed with flying colors!
I, of course, could only find four ;-)

cyndy said...

Lucky Patch!

I bet you get the pot 'o gold when there is a rainbow, too.

ps...I only found 3 of the 5!


I need orange said...

I don't like the slide show, either.

I want to just see the one pic I want......


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