Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Raindrops On Roses

And spiders.

I love the sharpness of my macro lens. Raindrops on a spider's back? Seriously? Love it.

To me the first spider picture is more dramatic. I actually thought "wow" when I opened it on the computer. What makes it more dramatic is the short depth of field - how much of the spider and background is in clear focus. Not much. And therefore not much to distract from the sharp focus on her face.

I adjusted the aperture on the second shot to bring most of the spider into focus and let the flowers on the basil plant show through a bit more. Which do you like better?

She is a Large Marge of a spider. That's not a small basil plant she's resting on. Isn't it amazing that delicate web can support her heavy body?

Here's something even more amazing. This isn't new, but I go look it up every now and then when I'm not amazed enough in my own backyard.

Well, I'm always amazed, but you know what I mean.


Christine said...

I'd think raindrops on a dung pile would be pretty at this point. I can't remember the last time I saw a raindrop on anything.

I prefer the second photo with the raindrops in focus.

Alice said...

Impressive photos, Sara.
It amazes me how a tiny arachnid with 8 legs and not a very big brain can make a most perfectly symmetrical web and not use a single tool but the gifts God gave her. Humbling, to be sure.
My eyes don’t differentiate much between the flowers in the photos. I appreciate the detail of the spider and raindrops in both.

dr momi said...

Raindrops on a spiders back....WoW! Beautiful

Shirley said...

OK I was loving the raindrops on the rose.... then I scrolled down and saw the spider..... Well, not much of a spider person even if they are really good photos, so I'm voting for the rose!

Terry said...

Wow indeed! I love your macro lens too.

Dreaming said...


Ed said...

So, you do like your new macro lens..;-) Fantastic shots, the first web shot is spectacular ans is both spider shots..:-)


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