Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It's what's for dinner.

That's a pretty big field full of grass out there kids. How about we spread out some?

That's a little better.

Sadly this is something we are seeing more and more. Miss Ewenice still gets out there with her friends, but immediately lays down to eat. She's got an awfully weak back leg and we're worried about her. That's a pretty big sheep for three legs.

I'm torn between moving her and a buddy, maybe Renny, into the little lamb lot and leaving her out in the big (less secure) field so she keeps moving as much as she can. I think she's happiest out there and Hank keeps an eye on her; however, if something were to come around, she's going to be the slowest back to the barn.

Speaking of Renny... Um, Renny? Maybe you should lay off some of those big Sunday dinners ;-).

Of course you'd never know she only has three and a half legs.

A Skinny Renny picture from the archives.


Susan said...

That's Renny? She looks fabulous!

Alice said...

Maybe grass tastes better when they eat it in good company. Miss Ewenice probably prefers the safety of numbers rather than being with just a couple of smaller sheep. One day, she will make the choice to stay behind and eat closer to the barn. Renny is a full figured sheep. She refers to her size as “statuesque”. Besides, she says. “Her whole family is big boned, it’s her slow metabolism, her thyroid isn’t active, some grass is junk food, it’s the cookies....” ;-)

Christine said...

LOOK. At all that grass. Gah!

My sheep will be arriving at the nearest bus stop to you at 8:00 a.m.

Linda said...

Renny is looking good...finally the life she deserves!


Michelle said...

Awwww....Renny does look good!

Michelle said...

Is that Renny, or a giant burnt marshmellow???

small farm girl said...

You need to have before and after pictures of Renny. I can tell there is a HUGE difference.

flowerweaver said...

Wow, Renny looks Rubenesque! (I seem to be going that direction myself...) Hope Ms. Eunice hangs in there. I suppose there's no way to put her on a diet, give her a leg splint or put her on a treadmill? If it's arthritis, perhaps you can find a vet with a K-Laser? I've just started treatments for Francisco's back end and will let you know if it helps.

Michelle said...

Sara, Flowerweaver's comment prompted me to suggest something. I've been giving Inky Banamine paste on the days when she seems very stiff and sore, and it really helps. Her bad days have been less frequent since I started doing that, although I'm afraid will return with cool, damp weather.


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