Monday, September 5, 2011

The Queen Of The Jungle

At the risk of turning this into the all Betsy blog, I can't help but share these pictures of her Not Eli tree climbing skills.

I have pictures of the horrible haircuts...but they involve Betsy as well.

These were taken with the macro lens. It's a fixed lens, meaning I can't zoom in or out. What you see with the lens is what you get. If you need to zoom in or've got to use your feet.

I am actually really enjoying that. It makes me pay more attention to my picture composition (which I could do with any lens...) and I find that I like what I end up with and don't do any cropping.

Unless I see something odd and want to post it to see if anyone can identify.

I'm concerned about this "zipper" (click to biggify). Pine trees are facing some horrible beetle infestations around the country. Is this a sign of that...or something else? Something harmless?

Feral Woman? Can you or Mr. Foresterman help?

Let's end on a happier note. This pine tree is just off our back porch. There are two there with a hammock hanging between them. Two of my all-time favorite trees, very old, heavily damaged by various weather events over the years, but holding steady.

Betsy loves them as well. She's about 20 feet in the air in these pictures and entertained us for quite awhile, frequently looking over to make sure we were still watching her.


Shirley said...

She sure is a pretty cat. She deserves a blog post every now and then!

Michelle said...

I love seeing your calico. I had one for many years and still think of her fondly.

Alice said...

Betsy has it all over Eli when it comes to agility. I guess that would make her a “Tomcat”.
Excellent direction by Janbaby.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

She's lovely!! Our very first cat was a calico that lived for nearly 20 years. She hated everyone and only tolerated me--I wouldn't have traded her for anything!! :-)

Sheepmom said...

What a striking, pretty post - calico colors against pine tree colors. She's definately living the good life, thanks to you.

small farm girl said...

She's so purrrrrrdy! lol

Janice Grinyer said...

Okay - from what we see on the photo is a lining pattern thatmaybe a flicker or sapsuckers do when seeking bugs - yes they are linear lol and that zipper was made by a darn bird - and as long as it does not make it through the bark, then you should be okay. Just because they peck, it does not mean you have bugs - they are just checking :)thats why woody the woodpecker was so stinkin' annoying...

What does show up on pines when you have a beetle infestation is called a "pitchout" - basically globs of pine sap that ooze out of the burrowing hole of the beetle larvae. Then the tree will start showing signs of stress through the needles - they turn red as they die. This however is not to be confused with normal autumn behavior of shedding needles - yes, pine trees needles fall just like deciduous trees do! - they shed from the inside and underside of the branches, while the rest stay green. If the end of the needle tips at the end of the branches are turning and shedding, then yes you have a problem!

Your tree looks actually very healthy from the photos that you provided; its just those darn birds looking for food in the wrong places!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Thanks!!! :-D

Terry and Linda said...

I know just how happy you are to get all of your hay stacked in the baarn ready for winter. Your kitty is jsut the perfect addition to your group! She is beautiful! How do the others like her? And, oh yes, what is the nameof the book you red every summer?


Ed said...

Looks like a sapsucker infestation, the beetles are really bad in the Cherokee Forest in Tennessee and there are tons of beetle capture boxes out there all the way from Georgia to Illinois, you may have seen them on trees. They are the big purple boxes..:-)


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