Monday, September 19, 2011

And The Winner Is...

Something we learned about your farm favorites: most people can't pick just one. I completely understand. Actually, what I do is whisper to each animal that "You are my favorite, but shhhh don't tell anyone!"

The best I could calculate is the farm favorites are Miss Ewenice (excellent choice), Hank (another excellent choice), Lila (not such a great choice - she grabbed Betsy by the tail this morning and PICKED HER UP OFF THE GROUND!!!) and Renny (yep, always an excellent choice).

Gunky didn't have any much trouble choosing a winner ;-).

#29 Jennie from MN

Jennie, send me an email at thecrazysheeplady at gmail dot com with your mailing address and your Moderne Farm animals will be on their way. We know they'll have a great home with you :-).


Alice said...

Congratulations to Jennie!!! What a fun and generous giveaway.
No cookies for Lila tonight ;-(

Terry said...

I can't believe my sweet angel did that! There must be some mistake!

Nancy K. said...

See what I miss when I don't get on the computer for a couple of days???

Christine said...

Lila, NO! Bad dog! Er, sheep! Bad sheep!

I love them all and could never pick a favorite.

trump said...

Cute picture, cats are a trip. Richard

Terry and Linda said...

I could never ever pick a favorite the are all my favorites!



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