Thursday, December 16, 2021

Barnside Pickup

Don't ever say "I'm going to go eat breakfast and be right back."  Cue water company calling to say "Just wanted to let you know that you've used two and a half times your normal water this month.  You probably have a leak somewhere."  

After almost two hours searching for a puddle that would tell us where the problem was, I found water dripping from the washing machine hook up at the Wool House.  Brilliant!  I found it!  I cut the water off to the Wool House and practically danced back out to the water meter sure I'd found a for once easy fix.  

We apparently have two water leaks.  Sigh...

Just for fun I looked back and found a blog post I'd written about an earlier water leak.  Look at young Betsy!  And young Saint Tim.  He ain't nearly as cheerful about this leak.  The still running countdown/up timer cracked me up though :-).

Meanwhile, back at the barn, the sheep are gearing up for a Barnside Pickup day this Saturday.  If you would like to come out to the farm to get a calendar and Christmas card and say hi/feed cookies to the sheep, I am happy and proud to say Punkin's Patch is still officially Open For Business :-).

As always, if you have any questions or need directions, just drop me an email.  And if you aren't local, but would like to purchase a calendar, Bea loves to ride to the post office.  She's not much on The Walmarts (too much traffic while she waits in the car), but she likes the post office ;-). 


Delrene said...

I just love your photos and commentary and your blog. I need to find the Instagram account. I’m so far away, but the few hours we spent on your farm were so meaningful to me. We all try to soldier on. Trying times here in a California. I find peace in your photos and blog.
Thank you. How do I find your Instagram account? Merry Christmas. and a better 2022! For everyone.

thecrazysheeplady said...

You can use the button on the right side of the blog (look for 20 taking a picture with a square camera) or this link should work. I really enjoy Instagram :-).

Camp said...

Saint Tim! back when he still had a smile on his kidding. he always seems to look at the brightside or at least a funny side.

Shirley said...

Ummm Maisie, where ya going with your bag? Get back in the line up!


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