Thursday, December 23, 2021

Maisie's Red Sled And Some Of My Favorite Things

I mentioned the red sled that went a** over tea kettle "several" years ago and broke into a million pieces.  See the kind of weird red plastic Christmas tree ornament?  It was made from that sledding wreck :-D.  It's one of my very favorite ornaments.

I love ornaments that have special stories or memories behind them.  Even years when I don't really feel like putting up any decorations, I always do because I'd hate to not visit with these special friends. 

I had plans to do a post every day this week sharing something special from my Christmas.  Even though it's only Wednesday now Thursday (!), I feel like the week has completely gotten away from me.  And actually, I just realized that one of the main reasons my week has gotten away needs his own blog post before I go any further.  Be right back. 

Okay!  Archie was a pretty good Christmas gift, eh?  :-D

I don't do a lot of traditional holiday stuff, but I do have some favorite things I'd like to share in case you might be struggling to find some Christmas spirit this year.  

One of my very favorite Christmas stories is The Tree Nobody Wanted by Tom McCann.  I love audiobooks and McCann does a wonderful job narrating if you go that route.  It's short and sweet and even if it's not a true story...and it very well's a true story.

I always make a pan of gingerbread from Fields of Greens by Annie Somerville.  This year's (first :-) cake was my best yet.  Turns out if you use the actual called for size cake pan you don't have to stress about how much longer you have to bake it or how to get the middle done perfectly.  Thanks, Auntie Reg :-).  Sometimes I top it with poached cranberries (also in her cookbook), but usually I just warm it up and pour milk over it.
Years ago Tim put together a CD collection of our favorite Christmas music.  Yes, a CD collection, that's how long ago it was :-D.  He listens to his copy now on an iPod, but I'm still playing the CDs ;-).  Here's one of my favorite songs.  Sing along and sing it loud!

Of course my favorite sheep are maybe the best part of my Christmas.  I love being in the barn at night any night, but Christmas Eve is always extra special.  We'll once again do a live cookie party at some point in the evening.  I'll post the time on Christmas Eve...which is tomorrow :-o.


Shirley said...

Christmas traditions are important, they keep us connected through all the years of our life.
When I was a kid we always listened to Mario Lanza's Christmas album (vinyl!) and I always try to listen to at least one of his carols. Midnight Mass was also part of our celebration, but in the last few decades that has become an 8 PM Mass, it's just not the same.
Christmas cake and Viennese Crescents are the only baking traditions I have hung on to.
Love that you made an ornament out of a part of the sled, and the many other ornaments that speak to your way of life.
Have a lovely Christmas!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Aww the sled ornament is special, I like ornaments with special meanings too...I noticed your jar of honey ornament and it made me smile too:)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Was the song supposed to be Goo Goo Dolls Better Days?

Marcy said...

Lovely post, and GREAT song choice! Have a peaceful and healthy holiday. Hugs from rainy California.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yes, that's the correct song. It looks like it's linked okay on my end, so if not, let me know.

Anonymous said...

I missed the post yesterday about Archie. He is so cute! I loved looking at the ornaments on your tree today. When I put up my tree it always takes forever as I have to stop and remember the story behind every ornament.
Merry Christmas to everyone at Equinox Farm. ~Diann

Michelle said...

None of our old ornaments made it upstairs this year, but I'm okay with the new blue eggs. It's a 'different' year so why not a 'different' tree? Merry Christmas, Sara!

Delrene said...

I will have to find the Archie post. Thank you for all your wonderful comforting traditions in this rather stressful year. My favorite time this past year was visiting Kentucky, your farm, Lancelot a d Frankie and all the barn pets. It helped lift my spirits so much. Thank you .
Merry Christmas to everyone at the farm.

Camp said...

Well you are gonna need a bigger tree pretty soon..because there are so many special things in your life and the road ahead is filled with promise.

Merry Christmas to all the critters (two's & four's) at Equinox Farm.

love debbie

bobbieliz said...

Tell Willard that I have his facsimile made with his fleece on the Christmas mantle near the tree. This Willard is having a good time watching the action.


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