Friday, December 24, 2021

A Christmas Miracle


"Where have you been?!?"

No, this is not a morning update.  That was going to end up being a lunchtime update anyway, but has now turned into a late afternoon update because I spent too much of this afternoon locked out of my car after Bea jumped on the door locks while I made a quick stop off at Tring Farm.

Luckily a neighbor was home to go find Tim, who in turn found one spare old Honda key, which could have been from at least three different old Hondas we've had over the years...and it happened to be the key to my beloved old CRV.  


The Christmas Eve cookie party will be live on Instagram at 9:00 eastern time tonight.  If you are new to Instagram, you'll find the live feed button up at the top of your home screen in the round icons.  I'll do my best to try to save it to post back here later and over on Facebook.

Merry Christmas!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Bea is up to no good locking the car, maybe make a couple extra keys and keep one around your neck on a string just in case:) Merry Christmas!

Delrene said...

What an adorable photo of Archie. He’s waiting for Santa. Merry Christmas 🎄

Michelle said...

I've always imagined that happening with a dog in the car, so I NEVER leave dog AND key inside. Glad Tim found a spare! Glad it wasn't summer!

Terry and Linda said...

Archie is adorable

Cheryl West said...

I think I would have to carry Archie around in a pouch. He is so sweet!

Shirley said...

One thing Ted and I did when we had a dog in the truck was to always leave a window open a couple of inches, even on a cold day. Saved us a couple of times.
Archie is just adorable.


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