Tuesday, May 26, 2009

With The Best Of Intentions

I tried.

I really tried.

I really, really tried.

We even had a 'the porch has been liberated' cookout last night.

And people brought Nilla Wafers and a bag of special mixed lamb feed (Graham has a sensitive tummy) and some excellent feed for the two legged people as well.

Earlier in the day Saint Tim moved Boo's cat condo out in the boy's new stall so they'd have a familiar place to sleep and Miss Ewenice agreed to babysit. It was a great plan.

Until I went out at 10:30 to give them their night ba-ba.

And here's where they were found this morning.

If you think Iris looks forlorn, you should see Saint Tim.

GL: "Really? You're surprised?" (Graham is so gullible.)

I mean, could you send them out to the barn?

And, if Graham can't hang out on the porch, how's he ever going to visit with his barn kitty?


I'll try again tonight.

Or maybe Wednesday.

"Yup, we got her right where we want her."


Nancy K. said...

I'm thinking that you may as well just put some straw down on that porch and consider it an extension of the barn...


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

they are so darling, I'd let 'em go whereever they wanted. :-)

DayPhoto said...

Graham did look puzzled that you were surprised.

Maybe tonight. Just maybe!


thecrazysheeplady said...

I'm guessing not, although Saint Tim says if he has to drag that power washer out many more times, he's going to be Ain't Tim ;-)

Alice said...

The boys are not ready to leave home yet. They are not even off the ba-baa. They still need you as their mommy. Get the blankets back out and you'll all have a good nights sleep. Tell Saint Tim that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Anonymous said...

The boys are getting big, arn't they? It is amazing how big a body can get yet there is still such emotional dependence. Ramlettes on the porch for a wee bit more.

I really like your clicker-thingy at the bottom. Thank you.


Pam said...

I knew it, I KNEW IT! As we were pulling out of your drive, I said to myself, "Those lambs will be back on the porch in a few hours". Enjoy them while they're still babes, and since when do you have to Power Wash to remove teeny tiny lamb poos? Sweep them into your flower bed.

Jeanette said...

Oh, it's hard convincing them that they belong with the 'other flock' isn't it?

Peacecat said...

Those lambs are looking rather, uh, adolescent! They grow quickly, don't they. What fun!

Denise said...

Saint Tim must be like Charlie...they talk big and all but are softies underneath. I'll bet he could never be 'aint Tim :-)

Goodness sending those cute guys out to the barn would be very difficult.

Amy Ellen said...

Awwww poor babies they just wanted to be with their family, LOL ; )
Too cute!!

Karen said...

Oh, pretty hilarious! It's so much fun to read about their antics, and I enjoy following you on Twitter!

WildBlack said...

Great Shots! Cute expressions! :D
How did you manage all those shots!?


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